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In December 1975 the Dutch government officially granted the only casino license in the Netherlands to The National Foundation for the Exploitation of Casino Games, i.e. Holland Casino. The first branches of Holland Casino were opened between 1976 and 1979 in the tourist towns of Zandvoort, Valkenburg and Scheveningen. In the period 1985-1989 five new branches are to follow: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Breda, Groningen and Nijmegen.


Since July 2008 every employee in the catering business in the Netherlands is entitled to a smoke-free workplace. That is why Holland Casino started looking for a suitable solution to offer smoking guests smoking facilities. Because Holland Casino is constantly aiming for further professionalisation and, in doing so, wants to take into account smoking guests, a new concept was developed; smoking when playing. A pleasant environment is essential. In order to implement this concept a smoking area must be created in an existing room where enough gambling machines can be installed. In order to guarantee the continuity of the games, it should be possible to easily maintain the gambling machines. In addition, integrated, self-closing ashtrays with ash-containers (collection of a few thousand butts) make sure there is no problem with stinking ashtrays which have to be emptied regularly. In subsequent years the list of casinos is complemented with Eindhoven, Schiphol Airport, Utrecht and Enschede. In 2006 the last two branches are set up: Venlo and Leeuwarden. In total: Holland Casino has 14 branches employing over 4300 employees.


The Business Development department is responsible for new developments. Research revealed certain needs from the market. These needs form the basis of this department. Remko de Boer is part of this department and set out looking for a solution where a smoking visitor can smoke and employees are protected against tobacco smoke. A study has revealed that many guests find smoking a part of gambling. Together with Euromate as an air cleaning expert and an interior designer, know-how, experience and vision were joined. All this resulted in: creating a separate smoking area within an existing room:

• 20 gambling machines installed in a drawer making it possible to maintain them from the outside.
• Air supply through the floor and wall.
• A number of filter bars for the under pressure.

This ‘pilot’ was a success. The number of visitors in the smoking areas was much larger than expected. Because of this success, it was decided to continue with this by developing a simpler system.


Products: 80 x VisionAir (air cleaners) and 2 x smoking cabins and 134 x ash containers and ashtrays to be built-in and 288 x ashtrays.
Maintenance: Maintenance contract, depending on the intensity of use 6 or 12 times a year.

“Thanks to the excellent cooperation with Euromate BV and the flexibility of the employees we reached a unique customised solution. We notice that guests are very happy with the new smoking rooms. That is the most important thing.”

“This ‘pilot’ was a success. The number of visitors in the smoking areas was much larger than expected.”

Mr. Remko de Boer, Innovator Gaming Concept


Euromate’s VisionAir air cleaner filters tobacco smoke from the air inside a smoking room. Not only does it optimise your entire indoor air quality; it also enhances your work environment. Offering a proper smoking solution will result in a noticeably positive effect on employees and customers. For the filtering of tobacco smoke, the VisionAir is equipped with an electrostatic filter: ElectroMax. This filter can be cleaned and re-used.

Features of the VisionAir:
• Smoking guests can smoke when playing.
• The room can contain a number of machines which are a reflection of the gambling machines in the relevant location.
• Smoking and non-smoking guests can play together if the non-smoking guest does not object against the smoking.
• The machines can be maintained by using a system where the people temporarily stop smoking, the air treatment system processes the remaining amount of tobacco smoke and then staff can get in the rooms without problems or worries.

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