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Horeca City is part of the Heineken Breweries, located in Amsterdam, Holland. parties to visit Horeca City. Entrepreneurs who want to open a new business, who want to remodel their business or simply want to get a healthy dose of inspiration, are invited by the representative from Heineken or one of the other parties to visit Horeca City.


Horeca City makes the (marketing) transition from the beerbrewer Heineken to the normal catering business. They worktogether with various suppliers of drinks, cooling systems andinterior equipment. Horeca City wants to make (future)entrepreneurs think about business management, image, etc.In short, Horeca City is the ideal place to get inspiration and togather all kinds of information for a (new) business. Eight catering concepts are presented, including pub, stylish club, modern sports canteen, hotel bar, restaurant, terrace bar andmusic bar. On July 1, 2008 the first “general smoking ban” was introduced. Horeca City started looking for a customerfriendlysolution for “smoking” where by the customer and hospitalityare central. We quickly found Euromate. They offer varioussolutions for tobacco smoke nuisance and they design customised smoke free areas. Mr. H. Gieling: “These days customers are picky and they have many choices. Unique is often a keyword for catering entrepreneurs. It is important that a catering business is able to distinguish itself from others. We have noticed that in general the service level (especially hospitality) must be raised to a higher level. We look for appropriate concepts whereby the customer comes first. Since the introduction of the smoking ban we have to offer smokers an appropriate solution. That’s why we also show a professional smoking area. Euromate is the partner who has made available an air cleaner and smoking table in this area.”


Horeca City increasingly receives requests from within the industry to look for suitable solutions for smoking indoors. To satisfy this demand, Horeca City, together with Euromate, has prepared a professional smoking area. The professional smoking area was initially designed for visitors of Horeca City, but the area is now also used by the employees of Heineken, to their full satisfaction. Horeca City expects to welcome 6000-7000 (inter)nationalvisitors per year. In Horeca City, Euromate has designed a professional smoking area where the emphasis is on:

• Underpressure, so that when the door is opened no obacco smoke or smell can escape.
• Air cleaning, air cleaner type VisionAir2 with ElectroMax filters. The electrostatic filter principle removes the smoke very effectively and then filters the smoke.
• User-friendliness, the AirMonitor option measures the pollution in the indoor air and adjusts the air cleaner automatically. In this way the air is always optimally cleaned.
• Smoking tables with sealable ashtrays, assure that the cigarette butts extinguish automatically (reduces fire risk). and prevents the escape of tobacco


Products: VisionAir2, type ElectroMax incl. AirMonitor and 2 smoking tables.
Maintenance: Different.

“In our concepts the customer must come first, and a professional smoking area contributes to this aim.”

“The professional smoking area was initially designed for visitors of Horeca City, but the area is now also used by the employees of Heineken, to their full satisfaction.”

Mr. A. Schipper, National Trade Marketeer Horeca


Euromate’s effective air cleaner filters tobacco smoke from the air inside a smoking room. Not only does it optimise your entire indoor air quality; it also enhances your work environment. Offering a proper smoking solution will result in a noticeably positive effect on work performance and productivity.

Features of the VisionAir:
• An enclosed smoking room with air purifiers from Euromate comply with legislation.
• Smokers are received as guests in the smoking area.
• Non-smokers are not affected by unpleasant odours of tobacco smoke.
• Representative solution: no litter from cigarette butts and ashes at the entrance or emergency exits and no groups of smoking guest at the entrance of the building.
• Air cleaners draw air that is polluted with tobacco smoke to themselves, they clean the air and then return the same (cleaned) air back into the area.
• Smoking tables provide a professional atmosphere.
• Guests remain in the building near their friends.

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