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Pieter van Foreest offers (complex) care, support and treatment to the elderly. Whether they live at home or in one of the houses of Pieter van Foreest. The mission is to ensure we mean something to clients. Pieter van Foreest focuses on a unique partnership between clients, their networks, volunteers and professionals. Euromate works closely with the facility consultants within this large organisation. When it comes to clean air, they also want to ensure they fit in with the individual needs and habits of clients.


The relationship between Pieter van Foreest and Euromate started in 2006. The reason was furnishing smoking rooms to facilitate indoor smoking. This was quickly followed by several hairdressers that were equipped with an air cleaner to improve the overall air quality and to tackle odours. This was the start of a series of solutions to clean air, which Euromate was asked to provide for Pieter van Foreest.


At one of the office departments of Pieter van Foreest, there is an employee with asthma. The complaints regarding dust were very annoying to him. He regularly suffered from pneumonia. He discussed this issue with a facility consultant. Euromate started to look for a solution after being approached. The office is now cleaned more frequently, they work based on a clean desk policy and have also installed a VisionAir air cleaner with MediaMax filter. This high-quality filter has a high filter capacity. Johan van Galen: “Our colleague has considerably suffered less of pneumonia and that is partly due to the effect of the air cleaner!”


It is irresponsible to allow clients in nursing homes to smoke in their own rooms. However, smoking outside is not an option for many of the residents. That is why the organisation wants special smoking rooms so that residents can still smoke a cigarette, cigar or pipe. Two smoking rooms have been set up at the Stefanna location of Pieter van Foreest as well as at other locations.
Johan van Galen: “We use the maintenance service of Euromate. They always tell us when maintenance is required on the air cleaners. They replace the filters for us so that our equipment always works as it should.” Grace ElectroMax and VisionAir2 ElectroMax are used in the smoking rooms. These filters remove air contaminants up to the smallest fractions. A big advantage is that the filters can be cleaned and reused.


The residential and care complex Weidevogelhof of Pieter van Foreest also includes small nursing units. There were complaints regarding bad odours. This is especially annoying for clients, but also for employees and visitors. A number of clients suffer from incontinence. A nasty and stale odour occurs in the resident rooms where ventilation is not always possible because of health reasons (i.e. it may lead to draughts) because of this incontinence as well as other issues. Johan van Galen: “At this location, we started a trial with the Grace CarbonMax air cleaner. That went so well that we went ahead and bought these air cleaners. They are easy to move and this flexibility ensures that we can solve problems where there are unpleasant odours.”


There was also another location at the residential and care complex Weidevogelhof of Pieter van Foreest where there were many complaints about bad odours: the Weidevogelhof’s container room. Johan van Galen: “Clients reside here independently, but who receive a low level of assistance. They, naturally, produce waste and they take this to the container room. This room is closed off and, therefore, it stinks terribly. Especially in the summer when it is hot. Dirty linen is also managed by the organisation for the clients. The room where this dirty linen is stored also smells badly and the air is stale.” Marco Balkema of Euromate was introduced to the location manager and a VisionAir1 air cleaner with CarbonMax filter was installed after the complaints were identified and assessed. This filter consists of activated carbon and adsorbs, for example, odours and gases.


Pieter van Foreest subcontracted the maintenance of the equipment to Euromate. This ensures that the air cleaners are carefully and professionally maintained and that they can always rely on correctly operating equipment at all locations.

“Our colleague suffers from pneumonia less frequently, which is partly due to the air cleaner.”

“Especially in the summer when it was hot, it stank. We have no complaints anymore!”

Mr. Johan van Galen, Services Department Consultant of Pieter van Foreest.


The VisionAir and Grace air cleaners from Euromate improve the indoor air quality significantly thanks to effective extraction and filtration. In addition, the air is recirculated. Polluted indoor air is cleaned and clean air is again blown into the room. This ensures that valuable heated or cooled air is not lost. Thanks to various filter applications, it is always possible to achieve a custom-made solution. The air cleaners are quiet and energy efficient.

Features of the VisionAir:
• For medium to large rooms
• Wide reach
• Fixing options: ceiling, wall or floor (whether or not on display)
• Easy to use through remote control

Features of the Grace:
• For small rooms
• Compact floor area (29 x 38 cm)
• Can be installed anywhere: plug & play

To distribute an extra fresh scent through the room, the air cleaners can be equipped with FreeBreeze odour cartridges.

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