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Forest restaurant Rinderstall is an excursion destination and a stop for hikers in the middle of nature. The forests have been part of the Harz National Park since 1994. The history of this cattle shed is closely linked to Sankt Andreasberg, the highest mountain town in the Harz Mountains.

From 1870 the cattle shed served as a summer residence for the shepherd family and as a stable for livestock. The surrounding pastures were used as the summer pasture. From the 1950s, the cattle shed evolved more and more into a restaurant and became a popular excursion destination.

Like all catering establishments, the Rinderstall was and still is also affected by the corona pandemic and the associated protective measures. The catering industry in Germany was closed during the first lockdown in the spring and closed again in November 2020. And in between? “We bought air cleaners from Euromate,” says Christian Stahmer. He got into action in August, got information and eventually went looking specifically for manufacturers.

“We were kind of a pioneer there. Nowadays everyone is talking about air cleaners, but back then that was a whole new topic.” It was already clear to us in the summer that corona would keep us busy for a long time and that a winter wave could not be ruled out. We had an exceptionally beautiful summer but knew it wouldn’t last. We wanted to allay people’s fear of sitting in the indoor area when it was raining or cold out because of concern for infections…” says Hargit Geyer, Christian Stahmer adds: “That was also a mental issue. I wanted to be able to say to our regular guests: I don’t sit still!”

Why did the two of them opt for the VisionAir MicrobeFree from Euromate in midsummer 2020? The answer comes without much thought.“Euromate has a device with exchangeable filters that is easy to maintain and, thanks to its modular design, it is very easy to replace spare parts. Then the filter combination convinces us: not just Hepa filter or UV light, but both, and that the device is certified. The fact that the system is also used in medical practices is a good argument for us, also towards the guests. “ The operators of the “Rinderstall” are so convinced of their investment in clean, virusfree air that they make their guests aware of it through the use of stickers on the notice next to the menu, on the homepage and on the newly designed brochure.

The operators of the forest restaurant have also made other restaurant owners aware of air cleaners against corona viruses, and: “Two colleagues here in the area, with whom we are otherwise in good contact, also bought air cleaners from Euromate!” And once corona is over, what use is an air cleaner? “We want our customers to feel that their health is being taken care of. And after all, we will always have viruses and bacteria. Just imagine – nobody here is infected with the flu. In addition, corona will not be over anytime soon.

“We wanted to be able to say to our regular guests: we don’t sit still and therefore chose for an air cleaner from Euromate!”

“Actually, we would like to recommend the use of air cleaners in every supermarket and in small shops. ”

Hargit Geyer and Christian Stahmer, forest restaurant Rinderstall

The VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner from Euromate improves indoor air quality significantly. It provides a fresh, pleasant working environment and has a positive impact on productivity and sick leave. The air is recirculated, polluted indoor air is cleaned and clean air is blown back into the room. That way no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir Blue Line
• Effective extraction and filtration
• Large range
• Mounting options: wall, floor or ceiling
• Low-noise
• User friendly
• Energy efficient

The modern design of the VisionAir Blue Line fits well in every interior. Moreover, the air cleaner produces little noise and is very user-friendly in operation. To spread an extra fresh scent throughout the room, the air cleaners can be equipped with Free Breeze scent cartridges.

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