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The Norwegian Opera & Ballet is the only professional establishment which produces and distributes opera and ballet in Norway. The Opera House is located by the sea in Bjørvika, Oslo’s new district, and was opened in 2008. The building has a spectacular design and has become one of Oslo’s main tourist attractions. Around 600 people work in this building.


The Norwegian Opera House felt that the level of dust in the production of costumes and masks was too high. Many of the employees felt that the air was dry and the efficiency could be better, especially in the afternoon. It was clear that all this dust was caused by the production of costumes and masks and this dust was causing the annoyance. Around 50 people work in this department which is approximately 700m2. Before Euromiljø came into the picture, the supplier of ventilation systems had done everything they could to solve the dust problem, without any success. Helge Wettre: ”They visit us every month to replace the filters and clean the air cleaners. If there are any problems in the meantime, they come over and solve the the problems immediately.”


Euromiljø had a meeting with the Opera House in 2009. It became clear that The Opera had a problem with dust in the air in the costume and mask production. Euromiljø recommended using Euromates electrostatic air cleaners. This would be the right solution for reduction of airborne dust in the costume and mask production. As it turns out, the Opera House is very satisfied with this solution and the air quality has improved significantly. The ElectroMax filter removes air pollution to the smallest fractions. Particles are electrically charged and attach to the earthed plates. The great advantage of this filter is that it can be cleaned and re-used. Moreover this filter has a very open structure which results in an extremely low resistance and many air changes in the four fan speeds. The ElectroMax filters out almost all the floating particles from the air and can also be used for the removal of tobacco smoke in smoking areas.


Products Costume production: 11x VisionAir2 ElectroMax and 1x VisionAir1 ElectroMax.
Maintenance: 12 times per year.

“We are very satisfied with this solution of Euromate and the cooperation with distributor Euromiljø Inneklima AS.”

“The VisionAir air cleaner is always set on fan speed 3. Another advantage is that with warm weather the inside temperature is a bit lower thanks to the air cleaner.”

Helge Wettre, Section Manager - Warehouse & Logistics, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet


Euromate’s VisionAir air cleaner improves the indoor air quality significantly. In addition, the air is recirculated. Polluted indoor air is purified and clean air is pumped back into the room. This means that no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir:
• Effective extraction and filtration
• Large range
• Mounting options: wall, floor, ceiling
• Low noise level
• User-friendly
• Timeless design
• Energy-saving

Thanks to its stylish design, the VisionAir fits in any interior. In addition, the air cleaner has a low noise level and is very user-friendly. As standard the air cleaners of Euromate are equipped with FreeBreeze cups, which add an aromatic freshness to the room.

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