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Philip Morris Sales and Marketing is a part of Philip Morris International, the leading international tobacco company. Philip Morris has two factories in Russia. Euromate’s valued distributor SovPlym successfully implemented several smoking cabins and VisionAir air cleaners at Philip Morris Sales and Marketing, which is part of Philip Morris International. Latter has two factories in Russia: Philip Morris Izhora is the largest factory of Philip Morris International in Eastern Europe and has the second largest output among the production plants of the company in the world. Production capacity is up to 70 billion cigarettes a year. The factory currently employs more than 1,500 people. Philip Morris Kuban is a complete-service, modern tobacco factory with a production capacity of more than 30 billion cigarettes per year. Today, Philip Morris Kuban is one of the largest enterprises in the region. It is a modern and automated industrial plant. For more than 15 years, Philip Morris Kuban has successfully been in operation thanks to investments and highly-professional staff.


Philip Morris wanted to maximize the efficiency of the employees who smoke. By creating smoking areas close to the working areas they wanted to reduce the time taken for smoke breaks and increase productivity of the staff. It was not desirable to let people smoke outside, but a solution inside must be professional and fit nicely into the interior. Experts of SovPlym got in touch with Philip Morris for a technical meeting.


After the technical meeting between SovPlym and Philip Morris, the management approved the integrated provision of the equipment in 17 offices and 2 plants. In total SovPlym has installed 40 freestanding smoking cabins in different models. The capacity of these cabins vary from <3, 4-5 and 6-7 persons. The specific feature of these smoking cabins is that they all are equipped with sliding doors, light displays, a fire extinguisher and stickers, as stipulated in legislation. Besides the smoking cabins also 2x VisionAir ElectroMax air cleaners were installed in the ceiling. With these air cleaners the air is continually professionally cleaned in a room. The air cleaner filters the polluted air and brings back the clean air into the same room. The air cleaners are standard equipped with a filter to extract relatively large contaminants from the air, one or more main filters and FreeBreeze cartridges can be added to provide the cleaned air with an aromatic scent.


Producten: Smoke ‘n Go (6x Compact and 21x Mezzo and 13x Espace) and 2x VisionAir.
Maintenance: 6 times a year.

“We now have a nice place to facilitate smoking and productivity has gone up!”

“Everything is easy to operate.”

Management of Philip Morris


Euromate’s freestanding, modular smoking cabin can be installed everywhere. In a public area, near a coffee corner, inside your office or in a corridor. Thanks to its unique filtration system the cabin not only removes tobacco smoke, it also improves the overall indoor air quality, as the clean air is recirculated.

Features of the Smokin Cabin:
• Staff can smoke inside.
• The glass panels provide an ‘open and free’ feeling; smokers are not banned to a separate room.
• The smoking cabin does not occupy superfluous floor space.
• The strong air extraction prevents odour nuisance, even outside the smoking cabin, one cannot smell any tobacco smoke.
• Practical; the smoking cabin is service-friendly, it’s simple to clean.

The smoking cabins blend in perfectly with virtually any environment thanks to their stylish and elegant design. The transparent walls are made of safety glass. It creates pleasant open feeling for smokers, so they do not feel left out.

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