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Merkur Casino offers games of chance worldwide and owns several establishments in: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, Merkur Casino is active since 1986 with establishments in Amsterdam, Hoofddorp, Boskoop and Rotterdam. High demands are made of the customer-friendly personnel; specific courses are part of the employment policy.


Since 1 January 2004, the law in the Netherlands dictates the right to a smoke-free work place. In the catering industry as of 1 July 2008 the rule is: indoor smoking is allowed, but only in an enclosed smoking room. These measures where the immediate cause for Merkur Casino to start looking for a professional smoking solution. In fact, smoking outdoors was not part of the options, since the casino is situated right in the centre of Rotterdam and many guests don’t like to be ‘spotted’ near the casino. Of course gamblers want to stay in their gaming element. In short, an ‘indoor’ smoking solution had to be found. Merkur Casino is KEMA and VAN certified. The VAN certificate is branch specific. This means Merkur Casino must meet the toughest standards required of the entertainment industry with regards to service, design and also managing a casino. Mr. R. Meyer: “Operational Director at Merkur Casino: “The products of Euromate are the ideal smoking solution for us. The black air cleaners nicely fall away into the black ceiling and allow for smoking and playing in an enclosed room, simultaneously.”


The smoking cabins with self-closing doors are a suitable solution, since Merkur Casino must also take non-smokers into account. The non-smokers and employees should be protected against tobacco smoke. The cabins offer this possibility. They cause no nuisance and effectively extract the tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours. The black air cleaners, VisionAir2 ElectroMax, are situated in enclosed rooms. This way, guests can smoke and play at the same time. Of course, this is only possible knowing your guests don’t mind enjoying their games in a smoking room. But somehow smoking and games of chance go hand in hand. An enclosed room was a deliberate choice made by Merkur Casino. The smoking cabins and air cleaners are maintained by Euromate. Merkur Casino doesn’t have to take care of this; Euromate always ensures optimal performance of the equipment and makes sure the ashtrays are emptied regularly. VisionAir ElectroMax is specifically designed to clean tobacco smoke. The air cleaner doesn’t only guarantee effective extraction of tobacco smoke, but also improves the indoor air quality of the concerning room.


Products: 6x air cleaners, type VisionAir2 ElectroMax and 2x smoking cabines, type Mezzo.
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“The black built-in air cleaners nicely fall away into the black ceiling, functional and practical.”

“This allows smoking and playing in an enclosed room, simultaneously.”

Mr. R. Meyer, Operational Director Merkur Casino


Euromate’s effective air cleaner filters tobacco smoke from the air inside a smoking room. Not only does it optimise your entire indoor air quality; it also enhances your work environment. Offering a proper smoking solution will result in a noticeably positive effect on work performance and productivity.

• Guests can smoke indoors; right next to their games.
• Non-smoking guests are not hindered by tobacco smoke and/or unpleasant odours.
• Merkur Casino offers a professional smoking solution, and this strengthens its image.
• The glass walls and doors ensure that the smoking cabin fits smoothly into the room.
• The built-in black air cleaners have a timeless design and fall away into the ceiling.

Thanks to its stylish design, VisionAir will blend in practically any interior. In addition, the air cleaner has a low noise level and is very user-friendly. As standard the air cleaners are equipped with FreeBreeze cups, adding an aromatic freshness into the room.

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