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Eaton’s Moeller Business is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of components and systems concerned with power distribution and automation in industrial, infrastructure and residential building applications. Since April 2008, Moeller has been a part of the Eaton Co., a diversified global industrial group with 70,000 employees and an annual turnover of about US$ 11.9 billion in 2009.


In 2004, Eaton Moeller GmbH in Meckenheim (Germany) was enforced to ensure adequate protection of its nonsmoking employees from second hand tobacco smoke, due to the ban on smoking in workplaces. A smoking room was set up. The room was located in close proximity to the canteen. However, the location was not equally central for all smoking employees making their way. Many employees from the logistics department still smoked outside the halls. Mr. Marx of Eaton Moeller states: “This did not look nice nor was it healthy for our smoking colleagues.” In their search for a comprehensive solution which would allow for designated smoking areas in logistics, while maintaining a clean air environment in the smoking area, Eaton Moeller came across Euromate GmbH offering the products they were looking for. “Our first contact with Euromate proved straightforward, very friendly and proficient. Euromate carried out a demand analysis and drew up a comprehensive proposal. There were no hidden costs because the maintenance proposal came together with the proposal of materials. Euromate took
time to demonstrate its products and provided us with a sample in order to test the functionality before the system implementation. The assembly was carried out fast and punctually without disruption of our day to day business. The service is carried out orderly and the response time to our service requests has been very short. However, we are now using the fixed service intervals so that service requests are no longer necessary at all.”


At Eaton Moeller logistics centre 178 employees are spread out over several halls and offices. Two smoking cabins type Mezzo and one air cleaner type VisionAir² ElectroMax were recommended and finally installed. The locations of the cabins were fixed in the logistic halls in accordance with Eaton Moeller in order to keep the walking distance to a minimum. The air cleaner in the smoking room is equipped with the AirMonitor option in order to guarantee optimal indoor air quality and an odourless environment. Both, the smoking cabins and air cleaner were installed in November 2008 and put into operation by Euromate GmbH. A service agreement with Euromate guaranties the systems’ optimal operation. Thereunder Eaton Moeller has a lifelong guarantee on the filter units. Worn out filters are checked with every maintenance call and are replaced in regular intervals at no additional cost. Eaton Moeller no longer needs to worry about the disposal of cigarette stubs because these are disposed of at every service call Euromate makes. The ash-container is replaced by a sanitized, odourless container. The maintenance of the air cleaner is, of course, included in the service agreement as well.


Products: 2x smoking cabins type Mezzo and Smoking room equipped with air cleaner type VisionAir² ElectroMax.
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“The assembly was carried out fast and punctually without disruption of our day to day business.”

“The service is carried out orderly and the response time to our service requests has been very short.”

Mr. Peter Marx of Eaton Moeller


Euromate’s freestanding, modular smoking cabin can be installed everywhere. In a public area, near a coffee corner, inside your office or in a corridor. Thanks to its unique filtration system the cabin not only removes tobacco smoke, it also improves the overall indoor air quality, as the clean air is recirculated.

Features of the Smoking Cabin:
• Unique four-phase filtration system
• Effective filtration
• Low noise level
• Modular (flexible) system
• Transparent design
• Freestanding unit; operates independently

The smoking cabins blend in perfectly with virtually any environment thanks to their stylish and elegant design. The transparent walls are made of safety glass. It creates pleasant open feeling for smokers, so they do not feel left out.

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