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Café Honky Tonk is located on the harbour in Brielle and is open every day. They, too, took measures in response to the further tightening of the tobacco law – and found a fitting solution for their smoking guests. Café Honky Tonk is a social meeting place in Brielle. In the summer the café has a pavement with seating for about 40 people and a fine view of the harbour vista. Every Wednesday evening there is live music with performances by popular and less well-known bands from the region and far beyond.


Willem ‘t Mannetje, owner of Café Honky Tonk, was also compelled to take measures in response to the tightening of the tobacco law. Willem ‘t Mannetje says: “We did have an air purifier that filtered the tobacco smoke from the air, but we didn’t have a separate smoking area. Nevertheless, I allowed patrons to smoke until early 2014. Unfortunately I had an inspection around that time and was fined. When it became clear that the rules were being further tightened in 2014, I went looking for a solution.” What was important for the owner of Honky Tonk was a separate, transparent room for smoking. This way non-smoking guests are not exposed to tobacco smoke and employees have a ‘healthy’ workplace. Willem ‘t Mannetje says: “Initially I wanted to build a separate smoking room with air filters. The downside to that plan was that before you know it everyone is sitting in the smoking room and the bar is empty. Then I would also have a situation where I would no longer be able to keep an eye on everything that’s going on. Occasionally when guests have had a few drinks words can be exchanged or there can be a bit of push and shove. A solution that allows me to see all the customers and keeps everyone in sight of all the other guests was really a must for me.”


Willem ‘t Mannetje was already familiar with Euromate. He decided to contact them again and was helped by Advisor Manager Marco Balkema, who gathered all the information and then recommended the Smoke ‘n Go Espace smoking cabin. Mr. ‘t Mannetje says: “Naturally it was a big investment, but I have never regretted the purchase for one second. My non-smoking guests are really happy that the café is completely odour-free. The smoking guests are pleased that the smoking cabin is available and that they can continue to look around the café, see everything that’s going on and maintain contact with the other guests. For me and the employees it is an added bonus that we now work in a non-smoking environment.” The fact that we now have a smoking cabin means there are fewer people hanging around outside the door smoking. That has practically eliminated the nuisance of loud talking and laughing for the neighbours, and other guests no longer have to make their way through a throng of smokers to enter the café. Willem ‘t Mannetje continues: “We took out a service contract. Notice of upcoming maintenance visits is provided by email. If we have any concerns about the smoking cabin the response is quick and effective. I am really happy with the service!”


Products: Smoke ‘n Go smoking cabin, type Espace
Maintenance: 4 times per year

“What I notice most about the fact that we now work in a smoke-free environment is how much cleaner my clothes are. I always used to stink of smoke when I got home, but not anymore!”

“It’s great to see how guests who normally wouldn’t talk to each other now enjoy friendly contact in the smoking cabin.”

Willem ‘t Mannetje, owner of Café Honky Tonk


Euromate’s freestanding, modular smoking cabin can be installed everywhere. In a public area, near a coffee corner, inside your office or in a corridor. Thanks to its unique filtration system the cabin not only removes tobacco smoke, it also improves the overall indoor air quality, as the clean air is recirculated.

Features of the Smoking Cabin:
• Transparent solution.
• Total extraction of tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours.
• Clean air environment despite smoking in the same area.
• Silent filtration, almost noiseless.
• Automatic activation upon user access (movement sensor).
• Low maintenance.
• Comprehensive, flexible service.

The smoking cabins blend in perfectly with virtually any environment thanks to their stylish and elegant design. The transparent walls are made of safety glass. It creates pleasant open feeling for smokers, so they do not feel left out.

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