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Frankfurt Airport is one of the major air traffic hubs in the world. Over 54 million passengers passed through the airportlast year plus another 15 million visitors. Passenger count wise, Frankfurt Airport ranks third in Europe behind London Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. In the cargo sector they are no.1 in Europe. So far over 500 companies, operating in a wide range of sectors, settled at Frankfurt Airport.


The October 2007 non-smoking law caused serious problems for Frankfurt Airport, as smoking is prohibited within all airport terminals. As expected, many passengers tried to leave the terminal for a smoke – or smoked illegally in the toilet facilities. As efficiency is one of the main priorities at airports, not being able to smoke inside the terminal caused many unnecessary problems and costs. The need for a flexible solution became a high priority. Another issue was the ban of tobacco advertising. This caused many problems for JTI, Japan Tobacco International, decreasing the number of smokers rapidly. The European Union and World Health Organization have both specified that the advertising of tobacco should not be allowed, with effect from 27 February 2005. JTI is the international tobacco division of Japan Tobacco Inc., the world’s third largest tobacco company. Harald Nierula: “As the smoking cabins of Euromate are placed at strategic points within the terminals, the efficiency of the passenger traffic has finally been optimised. Previous problems at customs and/or the sanitary facilities have now been eradicated. The possibility for JTI as sponsor for the smoking cabins made it very interesting for both parties. The service and maintenance team is doing a great job on a daily basis, leaving no ground for concern. Due to the expertise of Euromate, this project was installed within 3 weeks without causing any undue annoyance for both the airport terminals and its passengers.”


The smoking cabins of Euromate are available in various sizes starting from the compact model up to the large plaza unit with various settings. The possibility to create all kinds of smoking area settings, was the flexible solution Frankfurt Airport was looking for. Not only do the smoking cabins blend perfectly with the architectural design of Frankfurt Airport, but the freestanding units also operate independently from the existing air-treatment system. Smoking passengers can keep an eye on the departure screens, thanks to the glass walls. Frankfurt Airport is the first airport with self-closing sliding doors developed as a response to the legal requirements. The preparation, installation and service requires a dedicated project team. The installation of smoking cabins at airports is in regard to the logistics different from installing cabins in offices due to the safety regulations and limited (working) time during the night.


Products: 60 smoking cabins, type Plaza with two filter units each.
Maintenance: Different per cabin

“This project was installed within three weeks without causing any undue annoyance.”

“The automatic start/stop system ensures that air cleaning only takes place when someone is actually using the cabin, therefore you are saving energy.”

Mr. Harald Nierula, Senior Manager of Fraport


Euromate’s freestanding, modular smoking cabin can be installed everywhere. In a public area, near a coffee corner, inside your office or in a corridor. Thanks to its unique filtration system the cabin not only removes tobacco smoke, it also improves the overall indoor air quality, as the clean air is recirculated.

Features of the Smoking Cabin:
• Smoking cabins can be placed anywhere, thus saving costs and space, as no special smoking rooms need to be created.
• The design blends perfectly with the robust airport environment.
• Comfortable solution for smokers, as the highly efficient extraction leaves no trace of tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours.
• Comfortable solution, also for non-smokers, as people outside the smoking cabin do not smell the tobacco smoke and inhale harmful gasses.
• Many marketing possibilities both within and outside the cabins.

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