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Casino de Spa dates from 1769 and also owns a ballroom and theatre. Casino de Namur has a restaurant and hotel. The hotel ‘Beauregard’ is one of the prestigious buildings of the Casino, situated at the foot of the citadel of Namur. In 2003, Circus Groupe bought the Casino de Spa and in 2004 Casino de Namur. Both casinos together employ more than 250 staff members.


On 1 July 2011, the Belgian casinos ‘Casino de Spa’ and ‘Casino de Namur’ had to deal with the new statutory smoking ban. Until that date smoking was allowed in the casino and in the gaming halls. Smoking and games of chance have always gone hand in hand. We know from experience – in other countries – that sending guests outside to smoke a cigarette is not an option. Guests often don’t like to be noticed in or near a casino; besides, a mass of smoking people is not very representative in the middle of the city. In short, we had to look for a smoking solution, inside the gaming hall, near the gaming machines and betting games. Casino de Namur and Casino de Spa (Belgium) are part of the Belgian Circus Groupe with, amongst others, gaming halls in Spain and Belgium and bowling centres in France and Belgium. The Circus Groupe counts over 700 employees. Mr. S. Leclercq: “We are extremely satisfied with the smoking solutions of Euromate. The odour nuisance has completely disappeared and we don’t have to send our smoking guests outside anymore; what a relief! Moreover, economically it’s an excellent solution. Even the design of the smoking cabins fits perfectly in our interior; the glass walls ensure that the cabins blend in almost invisibly into the whole. If I’d have to give a mark of satisfaction, I’d say: 85/100 on the satisfaction scale.”


The closed smoking cabins of Euromate are easy to install and take up little floor space. In short: ideal for in a casino. In Casino de Namur, three smoking cabins (incl. self-closing sliding doors) have been installed, type Espace. Two smoking cabins are placed near the gaming tables and one right next to the gaming machines. In Casino de Spa, two smoking cabins (incl. self-closing sliding doors) are installed, one type Espace and a smaller model type Compact. One smoking cabin is placed in the (over 300 years old) ballroom – near the gaming tables – and the other one near the gaming machines. The smoking cabins do not only remove unpleasant odours, gases and tobacco smoke, but also improve the overall indoor air quality through recirculation of clean air. The odourless ashtray ensures that smouldering cigarettes and cigar stubs disappear without a trace of smoke or unpleasant odours. This also improves the fire safety in your company. Moreover, this ashtray has a capacity of several thousand stubs.


Products: 4x smoking cabin with self-closing sliding doors, type Espace and 1x smoking cabin with self-closing sliding doors, type Compact.
Maintenance: 4 times per year

“The odour nuisance has completely disappeared and we don’t have to send our smoking guests outside anymore; what a relief!”

“The automatic start/stop system ensures that air cleaning only takes place when someone is actually using the cabin, therefore you are saving energy.”

Mr. S. Leclercq, Deputy Director Casino de Namur

About the smoking cabin

Euromate’s freestanding, modular smoking cabin can be installed everywhere. In a public area, near a coffee corner, inside your office or in a corridor. Thanks to its unique filtration system the cabin not only removes tobacco smoke, it also improves the overall indoor air quality, as the clean air is recirculated.

Features of the Smoking Cabin:
• Guests no longer need to go outside to smoke; this makes guests spend more time in the casino and they don’t need to interrupt their games of chance.
• Odour nuisance has completely disappeared; the smoking cabin doesn’t just extract the tobacco smoke very effectively, but also the unpleasant tobacco odour.
• Stylish design; the smoking cabin is no eyesore; the design blends into the environment.

The smoking cabins blend in perfectly with virtually any environment thanks to their stylish and elegant design. The transparent walls are made of safety glass. It creates pleasant open feeling for smokers, so they do not feel left out.

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