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The Wilmink Theatre and Music Center Enschede has been an important cultural facility for the municipality of Enschede, The Netherlands, and the surrounding area for decades. The Wilmink Theatre has several locations and provides a variety of performances each theatre season. Normally, the organization offers approximately 450 performances and concerts on its stages on an annual basis. In collaboration with other companies, festivals and music theater productions are organized. In addition, the organization offers the opportunity for celebrations, parties and conferences.

Wilminktheater luchtreiniger Euromate

Besides the Wilmink Theatre and the Music Center Enschede, the ‘ Large Church’ and the ‘Small Willem’ are among the locations of the theatre. The corona crisis has also caused many adjustments and necessary changes at Wilmink Theatre and the Music Center Enschede. Manager Production Marco Rouw has been involved in various functions in the theatre. From the beginning of the corona pandemic in 2020, he has thoroughly studied the spread of the virus and the role of aerosols in the air. As a result, the various locations of the theatre were mapped out together with installer Strukton and various air measurements were performed. Substantial investments were subsequently made in indoor air quality and, as part of this, in the ventilation systems. Marco: “Unlike Germany and Belgium, the Dutch government doesn’t have clear attention for the indoor air quality in their corona policy. “ Nevertheless, the theatre has chosen to take the necessary measures to make the indoor air safer in the various locations.

At one of the locations, the ‘Large Church’, it is not possible to ventilate suffciently. Marco: “I have done extensive research into the possibilities for air filtering as asupplement to the existing ventilation options. This way we could make the indoor air safe at the ‘Large Church’. Marco continues: “We reviewed various providers of air filter systems. In the end, we opted for the air cleaners from Euromate because they were the most professional party.”

After several conversations with Euromate’s account manager Jos Stoop, the theatre has purchased four Pure Air Shield 3300 air cleaners. These mobile devices have a large capacity and ensure that the indoor air in the ‘Large Church’ is continuously filtered. The performance of the Pure Air Shield aircleaners was already extensively tested by independent measurement institute SGS in Germany. After installing the devices, Marco had his own measurements carried out, which confirmed that the air cleaners are indeed very efficient.

Marco: “The percentage of particulate matter in the air decreased considerably. This is extra important in the context of corona because the virus can be spread via the particulate matter in the air. This risk is now minimized.” Air quality is closely monitored at all the theater locations, using the necessary measuring equipment. When the data shows that the CO2 level in the air exceeds the permitted value and is therefore too high, Marco receives a message and action is taken. The air cleaners can then be turned up a notch. Due to the adequate actions, the Wilmink Theatre is well prepared for the new season. The performances are already in full swing and in combination with the other measures, larger groups of visitors can safely enjoy the cultural offer again.

“Our measurements show that the air cleaners do their job very well.”

“Especially particulate matter, which can spread the coronavirus, is significantly reduced.”

Marco Rouw - Production Manager the Wilmink Theatre and the Music Center Enschede


ThePure Air Shield 3300 helps you to create a safe (working) environment.
The air cleaner is suitable for large indoor rooms and filters (fine) particulate, bacteria and viruses such as corona from the air. Contaminated air is drawn in at the base of the air cleaner and blown out clean at the top. Since the air is cleaned several times every hour, rather than just once, a continuous flow of clean air is guaranteed.

Features of the Pure Air Shield

  • Efficiently cleans up to 99.995% of suspended particulate matter and aerosols from the air
  • SGS certified, proven effective
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to operate
  • Plug and play system
  • Low-energy thanks to timer function

Opt for the Pure Air Shield if you want the reassurance of truly clean air in your working environment or occupied space and put your health and well-being, and that of your employees, at the heart of what you do. The design of the Pure Air Shield works in any interior.

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