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Kbs St. Joseph is a modern school with character and offers high quality education for children, with room to play and discover. Kbs St. Joseph is a school in a state of flux and constant development. Children, teachers and parents form a single community and together help to shape the atmosphere that is so characteristic of Kbs St. Joseph. Pupils have the opportunity to develop to the best of their abilities so that they can make the choices that suit them the best. They have a good basis from which to grow to become independent, responsible and, most importantly, happy.

The atmospheric, characterful school building dates back to 1921 and is where children receive high-quality education, with ample space in which to learn, play and discover. In addition to learning to read, mathematics and language skills, children also get to know art and culture. These helps them to feel that they belong, that they are valued and appreciated. Within this, they are challenged to take responsibility, both for one another and for themselves, to take the initiative and to work independently. This helps them to more easily participate in society, both now and in the future.

Ventilation systems in schools have long been centralised. It has been shown that good ventilation helps to protect children and teachers from bacteria and viruses like the novel coronavirus. Well-ventilated and clean indoor area makes it much harder for a virus to spread. Additionally, good ventilation helps to improve comfort and prevent health complaints, plus it also helps to elevate pupil performance. ‘Air cleaning in our school is, as it is in many schools, a real focus,’ explains Annet Romkema, teacher of group 3 at Kbs St. Joseph. ‘We have an old building here, and we’re eager to improve the quality of the air for our pupils and for ourselves. We open the windows as much as we can for ventilation, but it’s not enough. That’s why we decided to go with a trial installation of the Pure Air Shield air cleaner from Euromate.’

‘The Pure Air Shield was trialled in my classroom on the ground floor. As soon as we switched the air cleaner on, we noticed the difference. In the mornings, I switch the unit to level 8 for extra filtering of the indoor air in the classroom. When the children arrive, I turn it down to level 2, which is where the air cleaner runs for the rest of the day,’ explains Annet. ‘You feel like you have more air. It feels fresher and cooler around the throat, and that’s nice. If ever someone has to cover my class, he or she will always remark on the difference, so it really works!

When we first started using it, the children would come several times a day to tell me that they noticed the difference and that it felt better. I can persevere with the day much more easily. You definitely feel tired after a day in class, but it really does help me. I have said that I would like an air cleaner in my classroom on a permanent basis and would definitely recommend it to other schools,’ concludes Annet.

“The classroom felt stuffy before, and now it’s fresher and I feel less tired.”

“I would definitely recommend it to other schools. ”

Annet Romkema - teacher on Kbs St. Joseph


The Pure Air Shield 3300 helps you to create a safe (working) environment. The air cleaner is suitable for large indoor rooms and filters (fine) particulate, bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 from the air. Contaminated air is drawn in at the base of the air cleaner and blown out clean at the top. Since the air is cleaned several times every hour, rather than just once, a continuous flow of clean air is guaranteed.

Features of the Pure Air Shield
• Efficiently cleans up to 99.995% of suspended particulate matter and aerosols from the air
• SGS certified, proven effective
• Extremely quiet
• Easy to operate
• Plug and play system
• Low-energy thanks to timer function

Opt for the Pure Air Shield if you want the reassurance of truly clean air in your working environment or occupied space and put your health and well-being, and that of your employees, at the heart of what you do. The design of the Pure Air Shield works in any interior.

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