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With more than 110 outlets and a comprehensive gastronomical range available, the Köln-Arcaden shopping centre’s three floors draw in guests looking to shop and relax. When the Köln-Arcaden shopping centre opened in Cologne-Kalk in 2005, it was the first of its kind on the right bank of the Rhine, and the ‘Gelatissimo’ ice cream parlour was amongst the first businesses to set up shop, beautifully located on the third floor, immediately opposite a large staircase.

Gelatissimo Pure Air Shield Euromate

Alessandro Zanchetta, together with three partners, all from the town of Treviso in Venice and long-time German residents, seized the opportunity to set up a traditional Italian ice cream parlour in Köln-Arcaden, the Gelatissimo. ‘The concept behind the arcades was entirely new back then,’ explains Alessandro Zanchetta. They decided to take the risk, and it has paid off. In 2016, the owners completely renovated the Gelatissimo to give guests an even more enjoyable experience.

The Gelatissimo was closed for eight weeks during the first coronavirus lockdown. Then in December 2020, there was a second. ‘Starting in March, we could sell ice cream to take away, but because of the mask requirement in the arcades, no consumption was allowed and the idea didn’t seem very attractive,’ explains Alessandro Zanchetta. The Gelatissimo has been open again since June 2021.

According to Alessandro Zanchetta, the 3G rule was not always clear to visitors, but the conditions that had to be satisfied under coronavirus rules were an even greater challenge. ‘We have two large panoramic windows with fantastic views, but we’re not able to open them!’ Ventilation? No chance. The arcades’ ventilation systems bring in fresh air, but they don’t filter coronavirus out of the air.

‘So we had to start looking into air cleaners and began our search on the internet,’ explains Alessandro Zanchetta. ‘We hadn’t found many providers when we came across Euromate. We were very quickly impressed by the expert advice that we received from them.’

Alessandro Zanchetta and his partners were keen to have equipment that fit with the look and size of the Gelatissimo, and that met the funding criteria. Ceiling installation would have been too expensive, so the only option was to go for standalone devices. Euromate’s advisor enquired in detail about the ventilation system and its performance, calculated the air exchange rates and proposed the ideal positions for the devices based on our photographs. It was all highly professional.’

Alessandro Zanchetta opted for four Pure Air Shield 3300. ‘We had to remove a table to accommodate each one, and set up the devices according to Euromate’s advice.’ There may have been some loss of space, but safety comes first. The quiet hum of the air cleaners is entirely suppressed by the general noise of the shopping centre and is in no way disruptive. For Alessandro Zanchetta and his employees, it was important that the devices were certified.

‘We’ll fit the labels soon so that we can show people that we have air cleaners in operation.’ Have there been any reactions from guests? ‘Many don’t ask questions,’ explains Alessandro Zanchetta. ‘Some look with interest and some want to know what they are and how they work. The reactions then have always been positive and guests are grateful that we are looking out for their safety.’ And that they can enjoy ice cream and waffles here without having to worry about coronavirus and flu infections.

“Our guests can enjoy ice cream and waffles, ”

“without having to worry about coronavirus and flu infections. ”

Alessandro Zanchetta - Owner of Gelatissimo


The Pure Air Shield 3300 helps ensure a safe (working) environment. This air cleaner is suitable for large indoor spaces and filters (fine) particulate, bacteria and viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, from the air. Contaminated air is drawn in at the base of the air cleaner and blow out, clean, from the top. As the air is cleaned several times per hour, there is a continuous supply of clean air at all times.

Features of the Pure Air Shield
• Efficiently cleans up to 99.995% of particles and aerosols suspended in the air
• SGS-certified, so demonstrated effective
• Quiet in operation
• Easy to operate
• Plug and play system
• Energy saving with timer function

Do you want certainty that the air in your working or living space is clean? Opt for the Pure Air Shield and put your health and that of your employees front and centre. The design of the Pure Air Shield is suitable for any interior.

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