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DANY is one of the most renowned fitness & wellness companies in Germany. In 1986, “Dany” started in the Koblenz district and in 2003 they moved to a large new building. Five years later they expanded to 4000 m². Nowadays 70 employees work for the members, whose number has been steadily increasing over the last few years. DANY is a meeting place like the lime tree on the village square or the sports club used to be.

Pure Air Shield luchtreiniger referentie Dany gym

“We don’t rent out equipment!” says Rolf Dany, owner of “Dany Koblenz”. DANY is so much more than just a gym in Koblenz, he explains as we walk through the bright, spacious facility with rooms for seminars, a stage, childcare, dog house, library, sauna, spa, event kitchen and high, large rooms with modern training equipment. “We don’t see ourselves as a fitness provider, that falls short,” says Rolf Dany, owner. “We see our members as individuals – everyone has a personal need and that’s where we come in! We want to be a host. And that means: a place to feel good, it is clean here, we as staff pay attention to our language, everyone is personally greeted and waved goodbye. The air quality is also important, meaning fresh air and air conditioning. We have learned a lot from good hotels.

It was sad, says Rolf Dany, to have to close for months on end because of the corona crisis. But he and his staff took advantage of the long months of closure. A digital registration system had already been introduced. Hygienic concepts were worked out. “Air quality has always been important to us,” says Dany. “We worked intensively on the issue of aerosols, and then it was clear: we need aerosol traps!” And that for several large spaces. “We did thorough research and compared the offers of different suppliers. We were guided by two questions: Who has good experiences with what? Where can we find quality and are the devices tested and certified?”

“In choosing Euromate, it was decisive for us that the devices are also used in clinics and doctors’ surgeries, and that a colleague from Bonn told me about his good experiences. I also looked at the design of the device – after all, it has to fit in with our ambience. We can’t have a device here that is clumsy!” Rolf Dany has very good memories of the consultation with the advisor from Euromate: “Three days after my phone call, he was here on site, very friendly, very knowledgeable, and what impressed me most was his very realistic presentation; not a typical sales pitch but real advice.”

Since the long-awaited reopening in May 2021, several PAS 3300 air cleaners have been running in the large training rooms, while a VisionAir MicrobeFree mobile air cleaner is used as needed in the smaller rooms. The feedback was good. “Great that air cleaning is done here,” is an echo from the first three weeks since the opening. The hygiene certificate, the airlock, the all-encompassing hygiene concept and the air cleaners: this gives the people at Dany confidence and a sense of security again. During the first visit, everyone gets to see the air cleaners, which are very well integrated into the rooms and are barely audible during operation.

The “Efficient vs. Corona” seals can be seen at various places in the building. “Soon we will also integrate them into the website.” Conveying safety, that’s what it’s all about. “I am super happy, it was the right decision,” says Rolf Dany. “I have often referred to our air cleaners in exchanges with colleagues, told them about our good experiences, and some have bought a few themselves as a result.” For Rolf Dany, there is no doubt that DANY’s air cleaners will continue to do their job even after the pandemic has passed: “Clean, virusfree indoor air is and will remain important,” says Rolf Dany. “We have been made aware of this in this corona period and will certainly continue to value the air we breathe in in the future”.

“I have often referred to our air cleaners during consultations with colleagues, telling them about our good experiences.”

“Clean, virusfree indoor air is and will remain important. ”

Rolf Dany, owner of „Dany Koblenz“


The Pure Air Shield 3300 helps you to create a safe (working) environment. The air cleaner is suitable for large indoor rooms and filters (fine) particulate, bacteria and viruses such as corona from the air. Contaminated air is drawn in at the base of the air cleaner and blown out clean at the top. Since the air is cleaned several times every hour, rather than just once, a continuous flow of clean air is guaranteed.

Features of the Pure Air Shield
• Efficiently cleans up to 99.995% of suspended particulate matter and aerosols from the air
• SGS certified, proven effective
• Extremely quiet
• Easy to operate
• Plug and play system
• Low-energy thanks to timer function

Opt for the Pure Air Shield if you want the reassurance of truly clean air in your working environment or occupied space and put your health and well-being, and that of your employees, at the heart of what you do. The design of the Pure Air Shield works in any interior.

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