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You can head to Mlouza any day of the week for freshly cooked meals, tapas, desserts and savoury and sweet treats. Our cuisine is diverse and we cook whatever we think is tasty. Having a passion for Mediterranean and Arab cuisine, two sisters began cooking from their own home. Before long, friends, family members, neighbours and acquaintances were beating a path to the door of culinary artists Hafida Yafrah and her sister Hassana Yafrah. They quickly came to realise that their domestic kitchen was much too small for their needs, so they found premises in Breda in which they could expand their fledgling business. From their new location in the city, the sisters now prepare meals for private customers as well as businesses, and rent out tableware, glassware and decorative materials. Creativity, flexibility, tasty high-quality meals and service are what drive Mlouza Catering en Verhuur.


Their new location was equipped with an extraction system. Hafida Yafrah explains, ‘a good extraction system is an absolute must for a business like ours. We want to be able to work in a healthy environment, and we need to make sure that none of the kitchen odours are transferred outdoors.’


‘We didn’t have an extraction system when we moved into our new premises, so we searched the internet for a supplier who could provide us with the professional equipment that we were looking for,’ Hafida Yafrah explains. Advisor Marco Balkema from Euromate conducted an inventory before recommending a filter combination of an HFE-25 with SFC-25. Hafida Yafrah continues, ‘We are delighted with how the equipment works. We can now work in the kitchen without having to suffer the odours that come from baking and cooking. It’s a recirculation system, so the local area doesn’t have to suffer from our activities either.’ Mlouza Catering en Verhuur also concluded a service agreement, which means that a Euromate engineer will visit regularly to change the filters and clean the equipment. This gives clients the peace of mind that comes with a safe and well functioning system.


• HFE-25 + SFC-25

• Kitchen odours and vapours

“The unit works perfectly and helps us to get rid of kitchen odours and vapours”

“We are delighted with how the equipment works.”

Hafida Yafrah: owner Mlouza Catering & Verhuur


Virtually all cooking processes in professional kitchens produce soot particles, odours and grease. The risk of fire is elevated if more grease accumulates in the extraction ducts and fans. Euromate develops filter systems for use in professional kitchens. At the heart of the SFE is an electrostatic filter. The SFE absorbs the very smallest grease and soot particles which can easily pass through the mechanical filters in an extractor hood. The SFC stationary filter unit is ideal for installation in duct systems and primarily filters odours and gases by means of activated carbon filter cylinders with bayonet fittings.

Features of the SF series:
• Eliminates fatty deposits
• Minimises risk of fire
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Minimises environmental impact
• Reduces the effects of odours

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