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After You is a hot spot for all sweet-toothed people in Bangkok, serving a range of delicious treats, including a signature shibuya honey toast. After You Dessert Café opened in 2007. The four main menus are Shibuya Honey Toast, Signature Desserts, Breakfast and Beverages. Customers love the menu and started spreading the word ever since. After that many branches opened up around Bangkok, now there are over ten After You dessert cafes around town. The menu has also improved from when the café first opened up to the present day; new recipes are being tested and offered regularly. After You is modern and cosy, with warm wooden decor, plenty of seats, lots of natural light during the day and the smell of fresh baking that is noticeable as soon as you enter. Customers are mainly Thai and it is a favourite for students and families, who come here and split a few desserts so they can try a selection.


The newest After You Dessert Café was opened in July 2016 with a grand opening, located at Terminal 21. A shopping mall located in the prime zone of Bangkok. The opening hours of the café are from 10 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. The café is surrounded by a lot of fashion shops and the café is designed to be an open-air location. Complaints arose from the surrounding shops about food smells. For this reason the rental property team required the After You Dessert Café to deal with cooking smells. They looked for a suitable solution to clean the indoor air and minimize the smell to keep all shops around them and the customers happy.


The Dessert Café compared several brands of air cleaners to find the best solution. Finally, they came to the conlusion that the Euromate SFE-25 could meet their requirements and meet the expectations. One unit of SFE-25 was installed and mounted in the ceiling of the kitchen. Besides the air cleaner itself, Euromate provided an active carbon filter and a remote control to get the maximum result of clean air and facilitate the usage. The oven is used to bake the dessert menus and creates odours. A smell of burnt toast is the result of baking some of the dessert menus in the oven. Euromate’s air cleaner solves this problem perfectly. Meanwhile, the customers can enjoy toast while the smell outside the kitchen is neutral now and does not affect to neighborhood anymore.


Products: 1 unit of SFE-25
Maintenance: 4 times per year

“We appreciated the result of the product.”

“There is never burnt-smell toast in the kitchen disturbing the neighborhood and the customers.”

Mr. Jessada, After You Dessert Café


In almost any cooking process in a professional kitchen, grease, soot particles and odours are released. Fire hazard increases when more grease is accumulating in the extractor duct and ventilators. Euromate developed filter systems for use in professional kitchens. The heart of the SFE is represented by an electrostatic filter. It adsorbs the very smallest grease- and soot particles

Features of the SF-Series:
• Eliminates greasy deposits
• Reduces fire hazard
• Lowers maintenance costs
• Minimises environmental impact
• Reduces the effects of odours

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