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Tolsa, a company with a long history, researches, develops, manufactures and sells many products for consumer and industrial use. Originally from Spain, Tolsa is an organisation that focuses on providing innovative solutions that contribute to improving the competitiveness of their customers around the world. With offices in Africa, Asia, America and Europe, Tolsa has a global reach. The Industry business unit produces products such as paint, asphalt, absorbents and purification products. The Specialities business unit makes a range of products that include foam insulation, self-cleaning coatings and fire protection for polymers and coatings. The Consumer business unit is Europe’s largest manufacturer of pet-hygiene products, which is sold under both their own brands and those of other companies.


Tolsa Nederland BV, based in Vlaardingen, is the production company that packages and distributes all kinds of cat litters in various sizes. This process produces large amounts of dust, which settles on the floor and machines. Activity in the production hall, such as forklifts driving back and forth, lifts the dust back into the air. The result is poor air quality for the employees who inhale this dust, which is harmful to the health. At the same time it also has a detrimental effect on the operation of the machines. This naturally increases equipment downtime, which results in the loss of valuable time. The extractors at the machines proved inadequate to the task, so the company began looking for a suitable solution to reduce the dust in the hall.


Dick Stoorvogel, senior account manager at Euromate, conducted a professional air measurement, which showed that the dust concentration was too high. Tolsa has a large production area and a warehouse. To achieve improved air quality everywhere, Euromate installed five HFE-50 air cleaners with bag filter to keep the dust pollution to a minimum. Mr. Leo Don: “There were two reasons we decided to have the new air cleaners installed: the health of employees and the protection of our machines. We have seen a significant improvement. Naturally we also have to keep the hall and floor well cleaned to achieve optimal results.” Tolsa also plans to have these air cleaners installed at the locations in France and then Spain. Mr. Leo Don: “Given our activities and the amounts of dust, we want to be certain the unit is kept in peak operating condition. Therefore we also concluded a maintenance contract. We are given ample notice before they come, so we can have the high worker ready and waiting. That’s what I call great cooperation!”


Products: 5 x HFE-50 with bag filter.
Maintenance: 6 times a year

“During the last scheduled maintenance I was the one who disposed of the filters. I was shocked by the amount of dust. The filters really do their job well!”

“Since the installation of the HFE air cleaners we have seen the air ‘clear up’. The reduction of dust is noticeable and clearly visible.”

De heer Leo Don, Manager Technical Services bij Tolsa Nederland BV


Euromate’s HFE unit is a very effective and efficient system for filtering dust particles. Even welding fumes and oily mist pose no problem for this system. The HFE system is built around an electrostatic filter and has an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE:
• Significant cost reduction for the maintenance and repair of equipment malfunctions through the removal of dust.
• The reduction of dust and rubber particles results in a pleasant and healthy working environment.
• Very energy efficient. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, pre-heated air, creating an airflow that maintains an even temperature throughout the room.
• The reusable and cleanable electrostatic filters were preferred over disposable filters (besides filter effect) from the environmental standpoint and for cost-saving reasons.

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