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With a team of forty knowledgeable and capable machining specialists, Timmermans Verspaningstechniek is capable of producing just about any workpiece to the most detailed of requirements. Timmermans Verspaningstechniek BV was established in Oudenbosch in 1989 and has grown considerably since its foundation. Timmermans Verspaningstechniek has more than 25 years of expertise and experience in machining technology and has amassed an impressive fleet of machinery. The company employs a combination of technologies including boring, turning, milling, drilling, surface grinding, sawing and welding to produce products for its customers. The company’s employees, machinery and tools are all part of an operation that revolves around safe, sustainable and efficient production.


The various machining technologies employed by the company are the source of significant quantities of oily vapour. Filtering these vapours from the air not only benefits employees and their health, but also helps to prevent machine faults.


The company had been looking for a partner that could offer a ready solution to the oily vapour and mist problem, and when contacted by Euromate, it didn’t take long for Arjan Timmermans to become interested. Arjan Timmermans: “Our operations really revolve around working safely. Air cleaning helps to enhance the quality of the air in which our employees have to work. This is extremely important to our operations which have been largely designed to ensure that our employees’ welfare and safety are protected.” Euromate advisor Dick Stoorvogel carried out air measurements before and after installation to confirm that the air cleaners were working effectively. Arjan Timmermans: “The air measurement after installation confirmed what we already knew – that the oily mist had virtually disappeared and that we had a noticeably better internal climate. The cleaner air also means that our machines are in better condition and there is less downtime. We would certainly recommend Euromate to other companies.”

“Our employees have really noticed the huge reduction in oily mist since the air cleaners were installed.”

“We would certainly recommend Euromate to other companies.”

Mr. Arjan Timmermans, co-owner at Timmermans Verspaningstechniek BV

HFE-25 & HFE-50

Euromate offers the HFE unit, a very effective and efficient system for filtering dust particles. Even welding fumes and oily mist pose no problem for this system. The HFE unit is built around an electrostatic filter and has an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE:
• Significant reduction in costs for maintenance and troubleshooting on machinery thanks to the elimination of dust.
• Reduction in dust and rubber particles resulting in a comfortable, healthy working environment.
• Very energy efficient. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, pre-heated air, creating an airflow that maintains an even temperature throughout the room.
• The reusable, cleanable electrostatic filter (fine dust) ensures very effective air cleaning.

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