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The history of Slijperij Vlijm stretches back to 1930, when Johannes Paes founded the grinding workshop, and ever since, the name Slijperij Vlijm has been associated with the Leiden-based company. In 1972, the company was taken over by Mr H. Pauw Sr. and is now run by his son, Ruben Pauw. Whether it’s old-fashioned craftsmanship or computer-aided grinding, Slijperij is well known for its outstanding quality and service. From grinding circular saw blades for woodworking, milling and drilling for metalworking, paper blades for the graphic-design industry, chef’s knives for catering, meat grinder blades for the meat industry or even garden tools for horticulturists…. everything is delivered with precision and that well-known Vlijm sharpness. Slijperij Vlijm also offers a wide range of blades, drills and other accessories.


Slijperij Vlijm is a client to make Euromate proud – a satisfied client for more than 40 years. Ruben Pauw: ‘We had two air cleaners, one from Euromate and one from one of Euromate’s competitors. The latter unit was dead within a year. The air cleaner from Euromate has been running for 40 years, filtering fine particulate from the air. To me, that’s outstanding quality.’ The grinding workshop produces not only fine particulate but also wood and metal particles, moisture and oil mist. Ruben explains, ‘In addition to the metal in the air, we also had an oil cloud suspended above us. I didn’t have any medical complaints, at least not yet, but I wasn’t prepared to risk any either. It can’t be good for you.’


‘When we received a call from Euromate, I wanted to learn more about how we could filter out the contamination from the air more effectively and more comprehensively,’ explains Ruben. The industrial HFE air cleaner with oil separator is the perfect solution for this location. Advisor Marco Balkema from Euromate advised Slijperij Vlijm to opt for this air cleaner with a greater, noticeably greater, capacity. ‘This unit draws the moisture and oil mist from the air far more effectively. The air cleaner runs all day at 40% of its capacity. In the evening, it runs for a few more hours at 20% and then switches off automatically at night. Every morning, I walk into a clean and fresh work environment,’ explains Ruben. Slijperij Vlijm also concluded a service contract for the reassurance of always having a properly functioning air cleaner.


• HFE-25 + SFM-25 G3, L-R

• Fine dust, oilmist, metal air

“We really notice a difference. Everything smells fresher.”

“We always had a mist hanging over us, that’s gone now.”

Ruben Pauw, owner of Slijperij Vlijm


Euromate’s HFE unit is a very effective and efficient system for filtering dust particles. Even welding fumes and oil mist pose no problem for this system. The HFE system is built around an electrostatic filter and has an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE
• Considerable cost reduction for machinery maintenance and troubleshooting thanks to the removal of particulate.
• A comfortable and healthy work environment thanks to the reduction in particulate and wood and metal particles.
• Very energy efficient. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, pre-heated air, creating an airflow that maintains an even temperature throughout the room.
• The reusable, cleanable electrostatic filter (fine particulate) in combination with the bag filter for coarse particulate ensures highly effective air cleaning.

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