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The Schroth Group was established in 1981 and has grown so strongly that it now counts about 120 employees as part of the team. The Fichtenau-based company specialises in the production, repair and rental of load carriers in the form of pallets, including Euro pallets, pallet cages, stacking frames and disposable pallets. The monthly handling volume is around 250,000 pallets and 7,000 pallet cages.


The production and repair of wooden pallets generates large quantities of dust. In fact, the volume of dust generated had become so great, that the Schroth Group decided to look for a solution to protect the employees. Mr. Schroth explains: “‘The employees in our growing business are our top priority and need to be protected. Not only has performance improved, but there has been less absence amongst our staff.“


Euromate equipped the production hall, which has an area of 1200 m² and a volume of 8300 m³, with a combined solution of electrostatic and bag filters. Six of our HFE-25 + SFM-25 models were installed directly under the ceiling on the customer’s premises. Dust measurements indicate that dust volumes have been reduced by more than 70% since the Euromate units were installed. “Euromate gave us competent and professional advice. The air cleaners in the production hall work extremely well – the time we have to devote to cleaning has gone down and air contamination is lower. And, importantly, employee satisfaction has improved. The team enjoys its work again.”


Products: 6x HFE-25 + SFM-25.
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“Euromate’s advice was competent and professional.”

“The time we have to devote to cleaning has gone down and air contamination is lower. And, importantly, employee satisfaction has improved.”

Mr. Schroth, owner

HFE-25 + SFM-25

Euromate offers a very effective and efficient dust particulate filtering system that is also capable of handling welding fumes and oil mist. The electrostatic filter unit is the main feature of the system.

Features of Euromate air cleaning;
• A considerable reduction in malfunctions and costs associated with machine maintenance thanks to the removal of fine dust from the air.
• A reduction in dust and rubber particles helps to create a pleasant and healthy working environment.
• Energy-saving. Dust, removed from the air through ventilation and conveyed outside involves high energy costs thanks to heat loss and the need to reheat fresh air coming in. The HFE unit filters air according to the air-recirculation principle, whereby heated air is recirculated and can be conveyed back downwards. This helps to reduce heating costs.
• Reusable electrostatic filters that can can be cleaned were preferred for reasons of environmental and cost awareness.

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