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Knorr Bremse GmbH, founded in 1905, equips vehicles for shortdistance use with highly developed products. Originally founded as a manufacturer of compressed-air brakes for passenger and freight trains. The Munich-based Knorr Bremse AG has been a major contributor to safety and efficiency on road and rail for more than 110 years. The company is a world leader in brake system and is the leading provider of safety-critical subsystems for railway and commercial vehicles. Employing around 29,000 employees today, the company continues to grow its expertise at more than 100 sites in 30 countries, helping customers with safe and efficient solutions. With a turnover of more than 6.6 billion Euros, the company is one of the most successful German industrial concerns.


The production and assembly of highly sensitive, safety-critical products and solutions necessitates high levels of cleanliness. Employees also need to be protected from fine particulate pollution. Working with ‘Knorr Bremse KB Kama’ of Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan (Russian Federation), we have found a local solution to help the customer, as well as it employees, achieve a high level of process reliability.


With ample experience in the field of clean production hall air, Euromate was able to meet the exacting requirements of Knorr Bremse with a bespoke solution. In consultation with the production specialists at KB KAMA, the air circulation in the production hall was stimulated by the Euromate extraction units suspended from the ceiling and then filtered with the air-recirculation principle without the need for additional pipes. The extraction units from Euromate also help to reduce heat loss, thereby reducing heating costs. For effective filtering, the HFE-50 extraction units are also equipped with optional oil separators as pre-filters. The extraction units also effectively filter out oil mist and cooling lubricant. So what’s the benefit to the customer of our electric filters and oil separators? They can be reused, which makes them especially environmentally friendly. The units also require only minimal maintenance.


Products: 10 x HFE-50 + SOD-Vorfilter
Maintenance: 2 times a year

“We are delighted with the extraction systems from Euromate.”

“The extraction units are suspended from the ceiling and have achieved a considerable reduction in air pollutants. They can also be programmed as we require.”

Mr. Manfred Kindermann, Managing Director, Knorr-Bremse KAMA


Euromate’s HFE product is a highly effective and efficient system for filtration of dust particles. It is also able to handle welding vapour and grease (oil) mist. The HFE application is constructed around an electrostatic filter and is additionally equipped with an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE
• A considerable reduction in costs for machinery maintenance and troubleshooting thanks to elimination of dust.
• A more pleasant, healthier working environment thanks to a reduction in dust and rubber particles.
• Greater energy saving potential. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, heated air, moving an airflow that helps to keep temperatures in the room consistent.
• The reusable, cleanable, electrostatic filters (fine dust) combined with a bag filter (coarse dust) ensure highly efficient air cleaning.

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