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Driestar College is a Dutch secondary school that provides various levels of education, including PrO, Lwoo, vmbo, havo and vwo (upper secondary). The main campus is in Gouda. Driestar College also has satellite campuses in Lekkerkerk and Leiden. The Gouda location has five buildings, four of which are very close together. They offer a range of different secondary school programmes, from practical training to pre-university education. Each building houses a different type of education. Therefore every pupil feels truly at home. And that is exactly what Driestar College intends!


The pupils in the vmbo basic and advanced vocational programmes are mainly very practically oriented. They function best when the lessons alternate between theory and practice. For example, on the ground floor there is a masonry shop where the pupils learn the tricks of the trade. Lots of dust develops in this room every day, including harmful quartz dust. Lime dust, dry dust and stone dust settle on the floor. Movement of pupils throughout the shop and activities like sweeping of the floor result in a blanket of grey dust that covers everything
in the room. Both the instructors and pupils complained about this. Mr Grisnich, instructor at Driestar College, said: “If you’re not careful you soon find yourself wheezing. You feel the dust in your body; your lungs are filled with it. At the end of a whole day spent working in the shop you have noticeable shortness of breath.” The shop had an old dust extractor that no longer functioned adequately. No scheduled maintenance was performed on this extraction system any more either. Grisnich says: “We tried wet mopping and bought a sweeper with built-in vacuum cleaner, but even so, there was still a lot of dust in the air.” The management was informed of the problems, and because they place great importance on a healthy working environment for pupils and staff approval was granted for purchase of a suitable solution.


Driestar College found Euromate on the internet. Advisor Dick Stoorvogel visited the secondary school and after surveying the situation recommended an HFE-50 air filter. Grisnich says: “We were given the opportunity to ‘try it before you buy it’. That was a great idea. It gave us the chance to see for ourselves how well the air filter works. Sometimes we switch the air filter off for a while. That’s because it does make a bit of noise and we want to make sure everyone can hear what the instructor is saying. The moment we’re done, the pupils are asking whether we can switch on the air filter again!” The physical complaints caused by the dust formation have been significantly reduced, and Driestar College is very happy about that. Grisnich says: “The installation process went smoothly and involved very little noisy or dusty work. The system does exactly what we had in mind. We had also looked at similar solutions available from other suppliers, but mostly what you find are complete extraction systems. Not only is the installation much more complicated; it is also a much too large investment.”


Products: 1 x HFE-50
Maintenance: 2 times per year

“The trial period was perfect. When it comes to the improvement from installation of an air cleaner like this one, you really have to see it to believe it!”

“Driestar College is happy with the APK and maintenance contract from Euromate. It is important to keep the air filter working as well as it does, because everyone has grown accustomed to it.”

Mr Grisnich, instructor in the masonry shop at Driestar College


Euromate offers the HFE unit, a very effective and efficient system for filtering dust particles. Even welding fumes and oily mist pose no problem for this system. The HFE unit is built around an electrostatic filter and has an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE:

• Reduction of dust, resulting in a comfortable, healthy working environment.
• Very energy efficient. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, pre-heated air, creating an airflow that maintains an even temperature throughout the room.
• The reusable, cleanable electrostatic filters were preferred over disposable filters, based not only on the filter effectiveness but also concern for the environment and a desire for long-term cost savings.

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