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Since 2010, Het Knaaghof has been the rabbit and rodent shelter for the south-western animal welfare region. The shelter takes in around 600 rabbits and rodents every year. Rabbits and rodents are increasingly in need of shelter, often purchased on impulse and pushed aside when the care becomes too much. The shelter’s managers work with volunteers and interns to provide care for the animals and to advise anyone considering offering a home to a rabbit or rodent. The staff have solid expertise and experience allowing them to offer sound advice and to assess an animal’s suitability for its potential new owner. Professionalism is a high priority for Het Knaaghof, and animal welfare always comes first.


Volunteers at Het Knaaghof work together in close quarters. The shelter has 125 spaces for animals and if all are full, fine particulate quickly accumulates in the air. Manager Merel Pieneman explains: “We’d clean in the afternoon and by the next morning, you’d think we hadn’t done anything. I really wanted to improve the indoor air, for staff and the animals.”


“Since we work with so much straw, hay and sawdust, we suffer greatly with fine particulate. The animals also shed hair and skin flakes. All of this hovers in the air,’ explains Merel Pieneman. Animals who are sheltered at Het Knaaghof enjoy steel and plexiglas accommodation bays during their stay. Professionalism is a high priority, and for Merel, it’s important to provide a pleasant working environment for volunteers and clean accommodation for the animals.

Merel Pieneman continues: “I went online to look for a fine particulate extraction system and stumbled upon Euromate. Advisor Marco Balkema was immediately enthusiastic about our shelter and gave us a lot of support in looking for the right solution. That instilled in me the confidence I needed and I started to put together a project application with an external foundation. Thanks to that and the allowance from Euromate, we now have our very own air cleaner and a visibly improved working environment!” The control box allows staff to adjust the mode themselves. During the day the air cleaner operates at a low, silent level and in the evening runs at a higher level for powerful cleaning.


Products: 1x HFE.
Maintenance: Twice a year.

“We now have our very own air cleaner and a visibly improved working environment!”

“Our volunteers suffer less from nasal complaints because of the reduction of fine dust. we experience a big difference in cleaning.”

Miss Merel Pieneman, administrator of Animal Protection Het Knaaghof


Euromate offers the HFE/SFM unit, a very effective and efficient system for filtering (suspended) (fine) dust particles of the kind often found in warehouse environments, such as straw, hay and sawdust plus animal hair and skin flakes. This industrial air cleaner, with integrated fan, has an electrostatic filter and bag filter.

• Reduction in (fine) particulate resulting in a comfortable, healthy working environment.
• Reduces the time needed for cleaning.
• Very energy efficient. The HFE/SFM unit circulates the filtered, pre-heated air, creating an airflow that maintains a consistent temperature throughout the room.
• The reusable, cleanable electrostatic filter (fine dust) in combination with the bag filter (coarse dust) ensures very effective air cleaning.

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