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The Competec group consists of the IT trading companyAlltron AG and BRACK.CH AG as well as the logistics provider CompetecLogistik AG and Competec ServiceAG, which takes over the central services. The company based in Willisau (Switzerland) employs approximately 130 employees and delivers 1.5 million parcels per year. Their trading partners are the heart of their work. Through years of shopping experience at home and abroad, customers benefit from a broad and very current range of products. Competec has an experienced team with which they are able to serve customers quickly and flexibly.


Competec has a huge warehouse with about 80.000 products from over a 1.000 manufacturers in stock. Due to all the activities carried out in this logistic center, they experienced a lot of complaints where it comes to dust. Airborne (micro) particles of dust are produced by, among others, cardboard boxes and rubber particles from transportation belts and truck wheels.
Competec gives a great deal about the health of their employees, a healthy work environment is one of the conditions which they wish to offer their employees. Besides the health aspect a lot of dust settles on products and machinery. Customers don’t want to receive dirty packages and all together this raises the cleaning costs. Another topic was the malfunctioning of machinery due to high concentrations of dust.

Competec started looking for a suitable solution which would result in significant improvements for their employees and infrastructure. A solution which is in line with their philosophy. After consulting Euromate’s valued distributor Aireau the project with air measurements was started up.


“After our meeting with Euromate and distributor Aireau we started a thorough process in which the air and dust concentrations, without air cleaners, were measured. Then they installed the HFE air cleaners and again there was an air measurement. We were impressed with the performance of the Euromate solution. We were able to reduce the dust level up to 80%.” Mr. Fellmann: “The health of employees is an important factor. We are happy with this solution because it is in line with our philosophy.”

With this solution Competec reached significant improvements for the employees and the infrastructure:
• More reliability and a higher quality for the employees in their working environment.
• Dust reduction in the air up to 80%.
• High cleanliness and dustfree products, infrastructure and IT.
• Energy savings due to air flow concept.
• Savings due to less unexpected interruptions.


Products: 4 x HFE-25 and 3 x HFE-50
Maintenance: 2 times per year

“We were impressed with the performance of the Euromate solution. The air measurements showed us a dust reduction of almost 80%!”

“With our maintenance contract we can rest assure that the air cleaners do their work as they should so we all together work in a healthy environment.”

Mr. René Fellmann, CEO of Competec Logistik

About HFE

Euromate offers the HFE unit, a very effective and efficient system for filtering dust particles. Even welding fumes and oil mists cause no problem for this system. The HFE unit is built around an electrostatic filter and has an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE
• Huge reduction in malfunctioning and in the cost of maintenance of machinery, as airborne micro particles are being removed.
• Reduction of dust and rubber particles, creating a pleasant and healthy work environment (no more annoying ‘black noses’).
• Energy-saving; removing dust from the air by ventilation only leads to high cost of energy heating up fresh air conceived by ventilation units from outside replacing the polluted heated air inside. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, already heated air, levelling out the difference in temperature between floor and ceiling.
• The reusable and cleanable electrostatic filters were preferred to disposable filters, because of an environmental point of view and cost awareness.

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