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Founded in 1954, CHEP offers pallet and container pooling services. Worldwide market leader with more than 300 million pallets, crates and containers in use in our customers’ supply chains, every day. CHEP is the worldwide market leader in pallet and container pooling services. By hiring out blue pallets they are meeting the needs of large industries.


The rental arrangement offered by Chep gives customers a clear view of the supply chain. One of the 1100 locations is located in Bornem, Belgium. More than half a million pallets are delivered and collected there every year. A continuous stream of around 15,000 pallets returned pallets arrive every day and are inspected for damage. The damaged pallets continue on their way to the repair department, where they are sawn and nailed to make the pallets usable again. Carlo van Hoey, plant manager at Chep Bornem, explains: ‘Dust is created during the repair work, as well as every time the pallets are moved. We want to solve this problem. Chep places great importance on the health and well-being of employees, and through regular measurements we found that there are high concentrations of dust in the working environment.’ Various measures have been taken at Chep, such as vacuuming instead of sweeping, wet cleaning, a nebuliser on the wood-processing machine and more cleaning. The approach is to filter as much fine dust from the air as possible. The measures resulted in 30% dust reduction, but we failed to reach our intended target.


Dust has an impact on the well-being our workers, the product quality and cleaning costs. Because the initial measures taken by Chep did not achieve their intended goal, they contacted Dick Stoorvogel, advisor at Euromate. Following a professional analysis, the recommendation was to install industrial air cleaners with electrostatic filter and bag filter. Carlo van Hoey: ‘Along with the improved working environment for our employees (health and well-being), we see additional benefits. The costs of cleaning the hall have been reduced and our product quality has also improved.’ Chep entered into a service contract with Euromate. During the service visits the filters are changed and the unit is cleaned. This way, the employees can continue to work in a more pleasant and healthier working environment.


Products: 7x HFE-50 with bag filter.
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“On an annual basis these air cleaners make it possible to filter over 200 kg of fine dust out of the air!”

“Chep's approach is to filter as much fine dust as possible from the air. That's why we opted for professional air cleaning.”

Mr. Carlo van Hoey, Plant Manager at Chep in Bornem (België)


Euromate’s HFE unit is a very effective and efficient system for filtering dust particles. Even welding fumes and oily mist pose no problem for this system. The HFE system is built around an electrostatic filter and has an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE:

  • Significant cost reduction for the maintenance and repair of equipment malfunctions through the removal of dust.
  • The reduction of dust and rubber particles results in a pleasant and healthy working environment.
  • Very energy efficient. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, pre-heated air, creating an airflow that maintains an even temperature throughout the room.
  • The reusable, cleanable electrostatic filters were preferred over disposable filters not only due to the effectiveness of the filter but also because they are more environmentally friendly and reduce costs.

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