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Koridon Industriële Plaatbewerking is a full-service organisation that specialises in prototype and series production of high-quality sheet components. Koridon’s customers include companies that manufacture original products and system suppliers in the machine engineering, food and high-tech industries. In addition, they also provide consultation leading up to (new) projects. Koridon stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks to its reliability of supply, superior quality and wide range of services. Koridon has a state-of-the-art machinery fleet and specialist employees, helping it make the crucial difference for organisations operating in sheet processing and/or sub-assembly. The work that Koridon carries out produces a high concentration of fine particulate in the air – a hazardous form of air pollution that Koridon is keen to protect its employees from.


Ton Koridon explains that he was concerned about the high quantity of fine particulate in the plant. ‘After all, we carry out work that releases particulate. The forklifts that drive through the plant and their tyres, which wear, create pollution as well. We had taken all necessary measures, including source extraction and wearing mouth and face masks. We also have separate extraction on the laser cutting machinery. We are of course fully aware of the dangers of fine particulate to health, which is why decided to have some air measurements carried out, to give us insight into the concentration of fine particulate in the plant.’


‘A few years ago, we purchased a Smoke ‘n Go fume cabinet from Euromate. By doing that, we made an agreement to tackle this form of air pollution,’ explains Ton Koridon. Measurements were carried out, which showed that there was a high concentration of fine particulate. This was followed by the purchase of six HFE/SFM-25 units. Ton Koridon says, ‘With fine particulate, it’s difficult to say – you cannot see it very well. But the measurements indicate that a lot of the fine particulate has been filtered out of the air. The plant feels “fresher” and our employees are happy with the solution. What we also liked was the plug and play principle of the system – no laborious installation work. The units were mounted, connected, and they were ready!’ The units at Koridon run at 70% during the day and then at 30% overnight for an optimal result. With a maintenance contract in place, the filters are changed and the units cleaned at regular intervals.


• 6 units HFE-25 + SFM-25

• Fine dust

“The plant feels “fresher” and our employees are happy with the solution.”

“You cannot see fine particulate, but the measurements are proof that our colleagues are working in a safer environment.”

Ton Koridon, Director of Koridon Industrial Sheet Processing


Euromate’s HFE unit is a very effective and efficient system for filtering particulate. Even welding fumes and oil mist pose no problem for this system. The HFE system is built around an electrostatic filter and has an integrated fan.

Features of the HFE
• Significant cost reduction for the maintenance and repair of equipment malfunctions through the removal of particulate.
• A healthy and pleasant working environment thanks to the removal of particulate and wood and metal particles.
• Very energy efficient. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, pre-heated air, creating an airflow that maintains an even temperature throughout the room.
• The reusable, cleanable electrostatic filter (fine particulate) in combination with the bag filter (coarse particulate) ensures very effective air cleaning.

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