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Dental practice Wijsman is a dental practice with various specialities. The name has existed several years already, but the practice itself has been located at the current location in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, since 2007. Owner Cees Wijsman graduated in 1986 as dentist and has had his own practice since 2006. Meanwhile he has a team of ten colleagues around him.


Indoor air within the dental industry is continuously polluted by mercury vapours, fine dust, particles and micro-organisms within the dental practice itself, and at the oral hygienist by odours and micro-organisms. A healthy indoor environment is extremely important for dental practices. Mercury, small free floating metal particles, porcelain, ceramic particles and chemical disinfectants, as well as bacteria and viruses from the patients mouth are all present within the practice. During the removal of amalgam (fillings) the air is filled with high levels of mercury vapour. This is unhealthy for both patients and employees. It may cause respiratory problems, lung problems and allergic reactions. Mr. Cees Wijsman: “You really notice that the air cleaners work. For example, as soon as you set the air cleaner to a higher level, the overdose of sweat odours disappear in an instant. An additional advantage is that the air cleaners recede nicely into the ceiling. But more important is that the air cleaners work well! And that they do”.


Cees Wijsman, the owner, was personally involved in the furnishing of his dental practice. This also included his search for stylish air cleaners. Cees Wijsman looked for an effective air cleaner which primarily removes distasteful odours and microorganisms. He was already familiar with the air cleaners of Euromate because of his previous job at other dental practices. In short, the choice was made quickly! The air cleaners installed are all equipped with extra carbon filters, specifically developed to remove unpleasant odours. The air cleaners could be built-in next to the DVD screens, which made them optically ‘disappear’ in the ceiling and guaranteed the ultimate serene atmosphere of the treatment rooms. Because Mr. Wijsman was already acquainted with the air cleaners of Euromate, he knew the advantages of these effective air cleaners. Cees Wijsman has concluded a service contract to ensure its air cleaners will keep their optimal functionality.


Products: 1x Grace and 3x VisionAir1 ElectroMax build in.
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“Important is that the air cleaners work well! And that they do.”

“As soon as you set the air cleaner to a higher level, the overdose of sweat odours disappear in an instant.”

Mr. Cees Wijsman, dentist and owner


Euromate’s VisionAir air cleaner improves the indoor air quality significantly. In addition, the air is recirculated. Polluted indoor air is purified and clean air is pumped back into the room. This means that no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir:
• Effective and continuous solution to odour problems.
• Beautifully built into the ceiling.
• Good addition to the existing air conditioning system and used anywhere.
• Environmentally friendly, no addition of chemicals.
• Maintenance contract guarantees an always optimally functioning device.
• Advanced design, with remote control.

The VisionAir fits in any interior thanks to its stylish design. In addition, the air cleaner has a low noise level and is very user-friendly. As standard the air cleaners of Euromate are equipped with FreeBreeze cups which add an aromatic freshness to the room.

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