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Royal Brinkman is a global horticultural supplier, advisor and installer with specialist knowledge in professional glasshouse construction. The company currently exports to more than one hundred different countries, helping growers worldwide with door-to-door delivery. Royal Brinkman has a base in twelve countries, from where the company, its specialists and account teams, reliably deliver more than 30,000 products to growers locally. To ensure that the entire workflow functions as it should, high-quality work from employees is essential.


There were large quantities of fine particulate at workplaces and on products at the ‘s-Gravenzande location. ‘The primary reason for seeking a solution is that we want to do all that we can to ensure that our employees can work in a healthy environment,’ explains Ronald van der Tang, Director of Operations at Royal Brinkman. Measurements were carried out to demonstrate that the quantity of fine particulate in the air was far above the standard. This manifested in the infamous ‘black nose’, and can be a hazard to health in the long term. Initially, they tried to resolve the fine particulate problem in a more standard way by cleaning more thoroughly with a sweeper and scrubbing machine. Other ways of reducing the fine particulate level also proved ineffective after accurate measures were carried out.


Royal Brinkman made contact with Euromate, who they consider ‘the specialist’ in the field. On a reference visit, they became acquainted with the Dust Free Industrial (DFI) air cleaner.

In view of the significant reduction in fine particulate at the location, and the company’s complete satisfaction with the air cleaner, Royal Brinkman decided to get round the table with Euromate and seek some recommendations for their own site.

There are four units in Royal Brinkman’s distribution hall for a total area of 8000 m2 and one unit in the ADR goods storage area. ‘We’ve since had several filter changes and it’s shocking what gets filtered out of the air. The key was finding the right setting for the unit, and the frequency for changing the filters. But now we’ve worked that out, we are very happy with the result,’ explains Marnix van der Born, Logistics Manager at Royal Brinkman. Employees now have to suffer less ‘black nose’ thanks to the units, plus they are also experiencing less particulate settling on products in the warehouse.


• 5x DFI

• Industrial dust

“We saw immediate results after installing the Dust Free Industrial! ”

“Measurements prove that the fine particulate content has fallen dramatically.”

Ronald van der Tang, Director Operations at Royal Brinkman

Dust Free Industrial (DFI)

The Euromate Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500 has been developed specifically for production and industrial environment such as workplaces, retail business, construction markets, wholesalers, distribution centres and warehouses. The DFI 8500 not only guarantees a dust-free environment, but also uease of use for many years to come, but also reduces costs on many different levels.

Features of the DFI
• An intelligent measurement and control system guarantees a continuous capacity, regardless whether the filter is empty or almost full.
• Thanks to the SmartGrid and SmartThrust, it is also possible to clean hard-to-reach places.
• The device recognizes the filter and automatically adjusts the configuration for optimum operation.
• Simple control via a graphic touchscreen.
• A special LED indicator shows the status of the device.

Realize significant savings

• Save 70% on cleaning costs
• Healthy working environment with 40% less absence due to illness
• Maintenance costs up to 30% lower due to less machine failures
• 30% savings on energy consumption

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