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Reduction oil vapour and mist – protects employees and machinery

The challenge at Timmermans Machining Technology

Timmermans Verspaningstechniek has more than 25 years of expertise and experience in machining technology and has amassed an impressive fleet of machinery. The company employs a combination of technologies including boring, turning, milling, drilling, surface grinding, sawing and welding to produce products for its customers. The various machining technologies employed by the company are the source of significant quantities of oily vapour. Filtering these vapours from the air not only benefits employees and their health, but also helps to prevent machine faults.

Timmermans operations revolve aroud working safely

Air cleaning helps to enhance the quality of the air in which our employees have to work. This is extremely important to our operations which have been largely designed to ensure that our employees’ welfare and safety are protected. Before and installation air measurements were carried out to confirm that the air cleaners were working effectively. “We have a noticeably better internal climate. Thanks to the cleaner air our machines are in a better condition and there is less downtime” explains Arjan Timmermans.




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