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Self-extinguishing table ashtray

Euromate’s table ashtrays are self-extinguishing and leave no traces of tobacco smoke or stale odours. They can contain several hundreds of cigarettes and the functional design makes sure it remains odourless.


  • Thick-walled hand-polished
    stainless steel
  • Table and wall mounting type
  • Capacity for up to 800 cigarette butts
  • Odour and smoke free

How does the table ashtray work?

The ashtray can be put on any table in a smoking room and serves as large capacity and smokeless ashtray. It will self-extinguish the ash and butts.

Is the table ashtray suitable for you?

If you need to equip a smoking room, proper ashtrays are necessary. With stainless steel and self-containing ashtrays you can easily avoid smoke and odour problems.

Does the table ashtray need maintenance?

When the ashtray is full it needs to be emptied. As the ash and butts are already extinguished this can be done in a safe way. A service agreement is not needed for this.

What are the options for the table ashtray?

There are no additional options that come with the table ashtray