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Smoking cabin Smoke ‘n Go

The Smoke ‘n Go smoking cabin is flexible in size and equipped to fit regular smoking intensities in any private or public building. It removes unpleasant odours and tobacco smoke as well as improves the general indoor air quality.


  • Four models for up to 28 smokers
  • Electrostatic filter for high efficiencies and low operating costs
  • Tested and certified by BGIA, TUV, ECN
  • Smoke and odour free ashtray with valve
  • High quality materials (aluminium, safety glass, burn free table top)Attractive, transparent design
  • Low noise

How does the Smoke ‘n Go work?

The Smoke ‘n Go is automatically controlled by a motion sensor. Once smokers enter the cabin the integrated fan gears up. Tobacco smoke is captured at source by the air inlet at eye height. Smoke flows downward through five different filter stages that take out all the particles and gases. Then the fan pushes the clean air upward to the outlet on top of the cabin. Five minutes after smokers left the cabin it goes back into standby mode.

Is the Smoke ‘n Go suitable for you?

A quick smoke and back to work that is the idea behind the Smoke ‘n Go smoking cabins. The freestanding, modular smoking cabin can be installed everywhere in your office, elderly home or nursery.

Does the Smoke ‘n Go need maintenance?

Maintenance is required to keep the Smoke ‘n Go smoking cabins functioning optimally. Depending on the user intensity periodic filter replacements and cabin cleaning and inspections are performed by professional service mechanics.

What are the options for the Smoke ‘n Go?

The smoking cabins come in various sizes and settings and can therefore be placed at different locations in your building. A number of options are available for the smoking cabin such as foot support, (self-closing) sliding doors, lean-to support, a doorstep, an additional gas (oxidation) filter and poster display.