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Smoking cabin SMART

Effective smoking cabin for use within companies, organizations and institutions. Euromate offers a complete line of products that help to filter tobacco smoke. Unwanted tobacco smoke, unpleasant odors, harmful gases and particles are filtered in a smoking cabin.

  • Recirculation system (no outside discharge required)
  • Best price guarantee in the market
  • Unique 5-phase filter system, combined with three disposable filters
  • ECO friendly (LED lighting, bamboo, EC motor with ERP certification)
  • Easy to relocate

SMART smoking cabin

The freestanding SMART smoking cabin can be installed anywhere in your building and is easy to relocate. Ideal for a quick, efficient smoking break in offices, healthcare, production and logistics companies.


The effective 5-phase filter system has a long lifespan and efficiently removes tobacco smoke. In addition to the energy-saving, electronically controlled motor (power consumption 25W, maximum use 110W), the cabin is equipped with a start/stop system. The sensor detects when people enter the cabin, so the air is only cleaned when the cabin is in use, saving energy. The compact size of just 1450 x 1000 x 2350 mm fits anywhere and can be assembled in about two hours!

Other smoking cabins

Euromate’s product range also includes smoking cabins of the Smoke ’n Go type. These are mainly intended for companies where several smokers want to smoke at the same time. More information about this on: Smoke ‘n Go smoking cabin.