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Industrial air cleaner

The HF industrial air cleaner is a robust, volume air cleaning system that is built around a main filter and has an integrated fan. It extracts airborne pollution typical for large, industrial buildings where processes mainly concern manufacturing, processing, packaging, transport and storage.

HF producttypes

The HF air cleaner is equipped with a specific main filter, depending on the problem:
HFE – Removes (fine)dust, smoke and oil particles
HFC – Removes odours and gasses
HFM – Removes (fine)dust, rubber particles and smoke

How does the HFE work?

As the polluted air enters the Euromate HFE it passes through the high-voltage ionisation section. Here, the dust particles become positively charged. The contaminated air then passes through the collector section. There, the electrically charged particles are attracted by grounded plates. In this way, the smallest particles (up to 0.01 micron) are removed from the airflow. The contaminated air is drawn through the filter by a directly driven centrifugal fan which is compliant with ErP 2015. The HFE is easily mounted to the ceiling, a column or the wall. Standard versions are available for two airflow directions (left to right, right to left). There is no need to install ductwork nor is it necessary to modify other nearby systems such as heaters and sprinklers.

Is the HFE suitable for you?

This plug-in solution is applicable in different sectors such as logistics, food manufacturing, production, wholesale, retail and waste processing. It increases product quality and productivity, extends shelf life and reduces cleaning costs, sick leave, equipment failuresand heating costs.

Does the HFE need maintenance?

When saturated, the electrostatic filter can be cleaned and reused. The operation of the HFE is therefore very advantageous compared to systems with non-reusable, mechanical filters. For optimal use of the air cleaner regular maintenance by a professional is recommended. Various maintenance agreements are possible depending on the filter choice and the degree of air pollution.

What are the options for the HFE?

The HFE is available in four models by combination of air volume, voltage and airflow direction. Also, a variety of pre- and final filters are available. Remote controls and an oil drainer are other optional additions.