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VisionAir aircleaner

The VisionAir air cleaners are real multi-talents as they are able to extract smoke, dust, odour and other pollutants from the air in your company. If you are having trouble with tobacco smoke, dust particles, sprays, unpleasant odours, microbiological contamination or mercury vapour, the VisionAir is the perfect solution.

VisionAir producttypes:

The VisionAir air cleaner is equipped with a specific main filter, depending on the problem:

CarbonMax – Removes gases (i.e. oudours)
ElectroMax – Removes tobacco smoke, micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses and fine dust
MediaMax – Removes (fine) dust and pollen
HepaMax – Removes ultra fine dust
Dental – Removes mercury vapor, metal particles, porcelain, monomers, bacteria and viruses

How does the
VisionAir ElectroMax work?

The VisionAir ElectroMax cleans polluted indoor air in three successive phases.
Phase 1: First, coarse dust and other polluting particles, such as human and animal hair and skin flakes, are captured in the pre-filter.
Phase 2: The electrostatic main filter then removes the remaining smaller particles, from as small as 0.01 micron (= 0.00001mm!). The filter works by means of a static (electric) charge. The polluted air flows through an ionisation and collector section where particles are charged and collected. The very open structure of these filter sections enable high air flow values, which will not drop because the filter will not clog.
Phase 3: The activated carbon filter finally adsorbs the unpleasant odours.

Is the VisionAir ElectroMax suitable for you?

The VisionAir ElectroMax is especially suitable for setting up a smoking room. The air cleaner finds application in different sectors, but is particularly geared for usage in offices, healthcare and hospitality.

Does the VisionAir ElectroMax need maintenance?

To guarantee proper functioning, the ElectroMax filter has to be cleaned regularly. You can take out a service contract which ensures that the filter is cleaned in a professional and environmental-friendly manner. Of course replacement filters, spares and consumables are also available.

What are the options for the VisionAir ElectroMax?

Several optional extras are available for the VisionAir ElectroMax. The options include AirMonitor, OdourFree, SterilAir and VisionDisplay.