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Kitchen air filter

Grease cumulates in the ductwork or fans of your commercial kitchen and increases the risk of fire and duct cleaning costs. Our kitchen air filtration units catch the smallest grease particles and odours.

SF producttypes

The SF kitchen air filter is equipped with a specific main filter depending on the problem:
SFE – Removes smallest grease particles
SFC – Removes odours and gases

How does the SF work?

Contaminated air that flows through the SF first passes through a mechanical pre-filter which filters out the coarse particles. The air then goes through the ionisation section. Here, the remaining small particles are electrically charged. The contaminated air then passes through the collector unit where the electrically charged particles will attach themselves to grounded panels. Before the air enters the ventilation duct, a final mechanical filter ensures a balanced air outlet.

Is the SF suitable for you?

The range of commercial and professional kitchens is extremely extensive nowadays. Preparation and consumption of food often takes place at locations where many people and activities converge. Fire hazards and odour nuisance are hot topics when it comes to kitchen extraction. The SF absorbs the very smallest grease- and soot particles which makes it the perfect solution for every professional kitchen.

Does the SF need maintenance?

The mechanical filters, the ioniser and collector on the SF need maintenance on a regular basis. This will prevent the accumulation of grease which can have an adverse effect on the system’s functioning. For optimal use regular maintenance by a professional is recommended. A service contract can be agreed. Various maintenance agreements are possible depending on the filter choice and the degree of air pollution.

What are the options for the SF?

The units can easily be assembled in line – on top of or behind each other – which gives you the possibility of installing the most effective filter combination to suit your individual needs. Options for the SF relate to integrated pre- and final filters, oil drainer, and remote control. Also, the odour filter system SFC can be installed seamlessly behind the SFE.