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Grace Aircleaner

The Grace ElectroMax effectively cleans smaller rooms from tobacco smoke and odours. It is the most suitable solution if your smoking policy allows low-intensity smoking in certain rooms of your company. It is also perfect for filtering the pollution of occasional smoking at home.

Grace producttypes:

The Grace air cleaner is equipped with a specific main filter, depending on the problem:
CarbonMax – Removes gases (i.e. oudours)
ElectroMax – Removes tobacco smoke, micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses and fine dust

How does the Grace ElectroMax work?

The Grace ElectroMax contains a unique filter system, which cleans your indoor air in three phases.
Phase 1: The pre-filter captures the bigger particles of dust and other polluting items such as hairs and skin flakes.
Phase 2: The electrostatic main filter, the core of the system, catches the other, smaller, pollutants down to a size of 0.01 micron (= 0.00001mm!).
Phase 3: Finally, the activated carbon filter adsorbs unpleasant odours and smoke from cigarettes or cigars.

For whom  Is the Grace ElectroMax suitable for you?

The Grace ElectroMax is especially designed to remove smoke from smaller rooms and is therefore suitable for smaller boardrooms or meeting rooms where you or your  staff smoke occasionally. For medium and large spaces, there are another type of air purifiers, namely the VisionAir.

Benefits Grace air purifier

The Grace air purifier distinguishes itself by the following advantages:

  • Free installation;
  • Plug ready;
  • Stand alone;
  • Multi-purpose: tackles multiple problems at the same time;
  • Healthy air;
  • Energy efficient: heated and cooled air is better dispersed in the problem area and not blown out directly;
  • Fresh and accessible space;
  • Higher productivity: staff is less tired at the end of the day;
  • Less cleaning costs;
  • Lower absenteeism;
  • Good image: distinctive within the industry;

Does the Grace ElectroMax need maintenance?

To guarantee proper functioning, the Grace ElectroMax filter has to be cleaned regularly. You can take out a service contract which ensures that the filter is cleaned in an environmental-friendly manner. Spare filters are also available and can be delivered in accordance with your requirements.

What are the options for the Grace ElectroMax?

The Grace ElectroMax air cleaner is equipped with FreeBreeze fragrance cups as standard which give the filtered air an aromatic scent. These cups are available in different scents: Arctic Pine (standard), Menthol, and Waterfall.