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Questions how to improve indoor air quality?

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Air cleaners – Professional air cleaner for small and large spaces

Euromate has all kinds of products and services for (fine) dust extraction, odour control, greasy air and oil mist and smoke extraction. Euromate offers various solutions for improving indoor air quality, depending on the problem and the size of the indoor space.

Which product fits your situation?

Do you have a problem with indoor air quality? Contact us because Euromate is happy to solve it for you. Every application starts with a thorough inventory of the problems. Based on this, the consultant will offer one or more solutions from which you can make a choice yourself.

An air cleaner with a specific filter for every problem!

The Euromate air purifiers are equipped with a specific filter. Depending on the type of problem, which filter is integrated in the air cleaner. For some air purifiers you can also opt for a combination of filters. Below is a brief overview of the filters that can be in the air cleaner:

  • CarbonMax – Removes gasses (including odors and odors)
  • ElectroMax – Removes tobacco smoke, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and particulate matter
  • MediaMax – Removes (fine) dust and pollen
  • HepaMax – Removes ultra-fine particles – such as combustion and secondary (in) organic aerosols
  • Dental – Removes mercury vapor, floating metal particles, porcelain, monomers, bacteria and viruses

Air purifier for small or (medium) large space?

The VisionAir air cleaner is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized rooms. This air cleaner is available in 2 types: VisionAir¹ (up to 120m³) and the VisionAir² (up to 240m³). This professional air cleaner can be fitted with all filters and is used against the removal of tobacco smoke, fine dust, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, odors, gases, microorganisms, pollen, organic aerosols, mercury vapor, suspended metal particles, porcelain, monomers, etc. and much more! A versatile powerhouse! The Visionair air purifier can mainly be found in practical situations such as (medical) care, business environment (offices), Hospitality and Entertainment.

Euromate recommends the HF air cleaner or the Dust Free Industrial 8500 for large spaces (including industrial hall, warehouse). In large industrial halls and warehouses the problems are related to production, processing, packaging, transport and storage.

The SF air cleaner is recommended in (large) kitchens where the air is greasy and involves odors. This air cleaner can be used in almost any size of kitchen.

The ETO air cleaner and degasser can be used for sector and problem-specific environments.

Smoking cabins

For situations in which there is no space available for creating an indoor smoking room, the Smoke ’n Go is a perfect solution. The smoking cabins of Euromate are available in different types depending on the number of people smoking. The big advantage of a smoking cabin is that no space has to be sacrificed and that tobacco smoke and tobacco odors are effectively removed. Spaces can also be equipped with a smoking table or self-extinguishing ashtray.