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Dust extraction in the workplace

Most of the activities at a lumber processing company or carpentry shop involve working with wood. This includes sawing, sanding and sometimes treating wood. These processes produce dust that is extracted right at the machines with source extraction. The remaining dust, particularly the medium-sized and fine dust, cannot be captured by source extraction and therefore remains in the air within the shop, eventually settling to the floor. The way to solve this problem is dust extraction.

In a wood processing company or carpentry shop a lot of wood dust is produced that causes all sorts of problems in the workplace. This includes problems with machines, high cleaning costs as well as health problems. Dust can be inhaled by the workers. That is not healthy, because wood dust in the lungs can cause various allergic reactions and lead to health problems. It can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory passages. Moreover, wood dust can cause cancer.

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Improve the air quality in the wood workshop with dust extraction.

  • Fresh and accessible woodworking hall for staff and customers.
  • More productivity (healthy air keeps employees sharp and fit).
  • Energy efficient: heated and cooled air is well dispersed in the woodworking hall and not blown out directly.
  • Good image: distinctive in woodworking.

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What do our customers say?

“These air cleaners make it possible to filter more than 200 kilos of particulate matter from the air on an annual basis!”

“The air cleaner gets a TEN from us for reducing dry and fine dust. We’re really happy with how it works!”
Holland Packing

“The time we have to devote to cleaning has gone down and air contamination is lower. And, importantly, employee satisfaction has improved.”
Schroth Paletten

Does the safety and health of your employees deserve the highest priority? We are happy to advise you.

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Dust extraction workplace

Wood dust is a big problem for many wood processing companies, not just for the quality of the work, the productivity and the costs but also for the health of the employees. It must therefore be removed from the air as thoroughly as possible with dust extraction in the workplace.

Specially for wood processing companies, Euromate has designed a dust extractor (Aircleaner HF and Dust Free Industrial 8500) which reduces wood dust by over 90%. That is an enormous difference and results in lower cleaning costs, less absence due to illness and better quality of the work. It is therefore a smart choice to install dust extraction in the workplace.

A safe and effective solution

The extraction units from Euromate differ significantly from those of the competition because they are not connected to the central dust extraction. They are plug-and-play units that draw in the air, filter it and blow the cleaned air back into the workplace. Dust from a wood processing company or carpentry shop is a fire hazard if it enters the extraction system, which is why Euromate has chosen to capture it separately in bag filters. This is the safest and most effective solution for a dust problem in a wood processing company. The Euromate dust air cleaner is installed as stand-alone, plug-and-play and versatile.