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Dust extraction in a store

The indoor air in a store (including stock, storage, warehouse) is exposed to various sources of pollution. The sales products (including foodstuffs) and the work processes in the store lead to the formation of dust that is constantly set in motion by continuous movements. In addition, there are also the dust particles that enter the store from the outside. Dust that keeps swirling around and depositing on the sales products is a well-known phenomenon in the retail industry.

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Which dust extraction suits a shop best?

The negative consequences are major for the hygiene of the products (HACCP), the customer (image) and the health of the staff. A clean store without dust is therefore very important. This can easily be achieved with dust extraction in the store. In the retail sector, there are often racks in which the sales products are displayed. Dust may fall on and between the racks. Dust from outside the store can also enter the store or the food can be contaminated with dust.

Euromate has designed dust extraction especially for the retail sector, which faces such problems. It concerns the HF air purifier that reduces the amount of dust by more than 90%. Dust from the store no longer falls on the sales products, so that cleaning costs are lower and hygiene and image are improved. The staff also benefits because the indoor air is properly cleaned, so they inhale fewer harmful dust particles.

The operation of the HF air purifier takes place in a number of phases in which the main filter (electrostatic filter) collects the polluted air. The clean air is blown back into the room so that pipes or ductwork are not necessary. The Euromate HF air purifier is installed free of charge, is stand-alone, plug-and-play (ready to plug in) and can be used for many purposes.