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Dust extraction in machine construction

Work in the machine-building sector mainly involves metal. Activities include cutting, grinding, sanding and attachment (incl. welding) of metal parts. Work on metal produces metal dust, metal vapours or welding fumes. These substances are poisonous and extremely harmful to the health (can cause allergies, lung disease and cancer). Source extraction is usually inadequate, and as a result these poisonous substances nonetheless remain in the air within the production hall.

In the machine-building sector many harmful substances are produced that cause all sorts of problems. These include health problems, machine malfunctions, high cleaning costs and even damage to the company’s image. Therefore dust extraction for machines is essential.

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Improvement of the air quality in the machine building sector with dust extraction:

  • Greater productivity (healthy air keeps employees sharp and fit)
  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air
  • No more nuisance from unpleasant odours that can be produced during metal processing
  • Saves energy: heated and cooled air are distributed evenly through the metalworking hall rather than being blown out in one location
  • Fresh, inviting metalworking hall for personnel and customers
  • Higher productivity: personnel are less fatigued at the end of the day
  • Lower cleaning costs
  • Lower absence due to illness
  • Good image: distinguishing factor within the metalworking sector

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Companies with clean indoor air

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What do our customers say?

“We are delighted with the production hall air cleaning system from Euromate. The room air systems operate with great efficiency and have helped to bring the quantity of pollutants in the air down considerably.”
Bilfinger Noell

“Our employees have really noticed the huge reduction in oily mist since the air cleaners were installed.”
Timmermans Verspaningstechniek

“We really notice a difference. Everything smells fresher.”
Slijperij Vlijm

Does the safety and health of your employees deserve the highest priority? We are happy to advise you.

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Which dust extraction system is most suitable for the machine building sector?

Metal vapours and metal dust are a big problem for many companies in the machine building sector because they cannot be removed with source extraction. It must therefore be removed from the air as completely as possible. Therefore a whole-room solution (dust extraction) is necessary.

Euromate has developed a dust extractor specially for machine building sector (HFE) that reduces metal vapours and metal dust by more than 90%. That is an enormous difference and results in lower cleaning costs, less absence due to illness and a better image.

A versatile dust extractor

What makes Euromate dust extraction units unique is that they are not connected to the central dust extraction system. They are plug-and-play units that draw in the air, filter it and blow clean air back into the hall. The Euromate dust extractor is also installed for free, stand-alone, plug-and-play and versatile.