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Dust extraction

in logistics

Customers’ expectations and the pressure to reduce costs are the two greatest challenges within the logistics and storage sectors. The indoor air in a logistics hall (including storage, transshipment and warehouse facilities) is exposed to various sources of pollution. The operational activities in the logistics hall lead to the formation of dust that is constantly stirred up by all the movement. Moreover, there are also the dust particles that enter the building from outside. The development of dust that floats in the air and settles on surfaces is a familiar problem in the logistics sector. The negative consequences are significant for the health of the personnel and business processes. A clean, healthy working environment is important for achieving smoothly operating logistics processes yet also contributes to low costs and a good image. With dust extraction this can be achieved in the logistics sector.

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Which dust extraction system is most suitable for a logistics company?

A logistics hall usually has high ceilings with tall racks, which are sometimes temporarily relocated. The dust extraction must therefore also be easy to relocate and capable of functioning optimally even where ceiling heights are high.

A plug-and-play solution for the logistics hall

Euromate has the HFE, which was specially designed for a logistics hall. It reduces the quantity of dust by more than 90%. The HFE keeps customers’ products nicely clean. This saves an enormous amount of time spent on tasks like cleaning before the products can be shipped. This also keeps the company’s image fresh and clean. Personnel who work in the hall inhale practically no dust, which has a positive impact on absence due to illness. The polluted air is drawn in by the HFE, which leaves the dust particles behind in the electrostatic filter. The electrostatic filter removes the smallest particles (up to 0.01 micron) from the flow of air. The clean air is blown back directly, so there is no need for tubes or ductwork. The Euromate dust extractor is installed for free, stand-alone, plug-and-play and versatile.

Benefits of Euromate dust extraction

Improving the air quality in logistics centres with dust extraction provides benefits such as:

  • Greater productivity (healthy air keeps employees sharp and fit)
  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air
  • No more nuisance from unpleasant odours that can be produced during logistics activities
  • Saves energy: heated and cooled air are distributed evenly through the logistics hall rather than being blown out in one location
  • Fresh, inviting logistics hall for personnel and customers
  • Higher productivity: personnel are less fatigued at the end of the day
  • Lower cleaning costs
  • Lower absence due to illness
  • Good image: distinguishing factor within the logistics sector

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