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Dust extraction in logistics

The indoor air in a logistics hall (including storage, transhipment and warehouse) is exposed to various sources of pollution. A clean and healthy working environment is important to keep the logistics processes running smoothly, but it also achieves low costs and a good image. This can be achieved with dust extraction in logistics.

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Improve air quality in logistics with dust extraction

  • More productivity (healthy air keeps employees sharp and fit);
  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air;
  • No longer suffer from unpleasant odors that can occur during logistics operations;
  • Energy efficient: heated and cooled air is well distributed in the logistics hall and not blown directly outside;
  • Fresh and accessible logistics hall for staff and customers;
  • Higher productivity: staff less tired at the end of the day;
  • Less cleaning costs;
  • Lower absenteeism due to illness;
  • Good image: distinctive within the logistics industry;

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Companies with clean indoor air

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What do our customers say?

“The HFE unit combines everything we want, it does the job, is environmentally friendly and energy efficient!”
Tollpost Globe

“Since the HFE air purifiers we see the air ‘clearing up’. The reduction of dust is clearly visible and noticeable.”
Tolsa Netherlands

“Finally a supplier who does what they say!”
Smurfit Kappa

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Which dust extraction suits a logistics company best?

The formation of swirling, precipitating dust is a well-known phenomenon in logistics. The adverse consequences are great for the health of personnel and business processes. The operational actions in the logistics hall lead to the formation of dust, which constantly swirl around due to continuous movements. In addition, there are also the dust particles that penetrate into the building from the outside. A logistics hall usually contains high ceilings with high racks that are sometimes (temporarily) moved. The dust extraction must therefore also be easy to move and to function optimally at a high height.

A plug-and-play solution for the logistics hall

Euromate has the Dust Free Industrial 8500 that is specially designed for a logistics hall. It reduces the amount of dust by more than 90%. The HF air purifier also keeps the products clean. This saves a lot of time, including cleaning before the products can be shipped. The image also remains fresh and clean. The staff who work in the hall hardly breathe dust, which is good for absenteeism.

The polluted air is drawn in by the air purifier, which leaves the dust particles in the electrostatic filter. The electrostatic filter removes the smallest particles (up to 0.01 micron) from the air flow. The clean air is immediately blown back so that no pipes or ductwork are needed. The Euromate dust extractor is stand-alone, plug-and-play (ready to plug) and multi-usable.