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Dust extraction in the food industry

In the food or food industry, hygiene legislation (HACCP legislation) has been established and is strictly controlled. This concerns, among other things, physical contact during the operations, but also ‘particles’ that hang in the indoor air and can whirl into the products during production. Coarse dust and fine dust hanging in the processing hall must not end up in food because this can spoil the product. This creates hygiene problems but can also be harmful to personnel (inhalation) and, if it gets into sensitive machine sensors, causes malfunctions. Dust extraction in the food industry is therefore necessary.

Which dust extraction suits the food industry best? During the production and preparation of foodstuffs, work must be done as hygienically as possible. Incidentally, dry dust can also be released into the air during the production of foodstuffs or semi-finished products. For the food industry, dust is a major problem for the quality of work (including hygiene), productivity, costs and the health of employees. Dust extraction in the hall is necessary to solve the problems immediately.

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Advantages of Euromate dust extraction

Improving the air quality in the food industry with dust extraction offers advantages, such as:

  • More productivity (healthy air keeps employees sharp and fit);
  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air;
  • No more trouble with unpleasant odors that can occur during food processing;
  • Energy-efficient: heated and cooled air is well distributed in the hall and not blown directly outside;
  • Fresh and accessible hall for staff and customers;
  • Higher productivity: staff is less tired at the end of the day;
  • Less cleaning costs;
  • Lower absenteeism due to illness;
  • Good image:
  • distinctive within the food industry;

Reduce over 90% dust in the production hall

Euromate has specially designed the HF air purifier for the food industry, which reduces dust by up to 90%. Less dust results in lower cleaning costs, less absenteeism, higher productivity and better quality and hygiene of work. Hanging vacuum cleaners in the production hall is a smart choice. The Euromate extraction units are mounted stand-alone and are not connected to a central extraction system. They are ready-to-plug units that suck the air in, filter it and blow it back into the production hall in a cleaned manner. The Euromate dust extractor can also be installed free of charge and is plug-and-play (ready to plug in) and can be used for many purposes.