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Dust extraction in construction

In construction (new construction, refurbishment, renovation …) all kinds of activities take place such as drilling in concrete, sawing, sanding, grinding, working with glass wool or rock wool and also sweeping a floor, etc. Many elements are often already custom made in a workshop before being transported to where they will eventually be placed. This releases a lot of dust. This can be quite rough in nature, but in practice it is especially fine. The latter is extremely harmful to the health of the construction worker. In recent years, more and more inspections have been carried out by SZW in construction, aimed at the use of the correct control measures and protective equipment against the inhalation of (fine) dust. If shortcomings are found during inspections, fines can be issued by the SZW or construction work must be halted. Dust extraction in construction is becoming an increasingly important topic.

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Improving air quality in construction with dust extraction provides benefits.

  • Less cleaning costs;
  • Higher productivity;
  • Less trouble with odors through a carbon filter;
  • Energy efficient:
  • Fresh and accessible workplace for staff and customers;
  • Lower absenteeism due to illness;
  • Good image: distinctive in the construction industry;

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What do our customers say?

“It is important to keep the air filter working as well as it does, because everyone has grown accustomed to it.”
Driestar College

“These air cleaners make it possible to filter more than 200 kilos of particulate matter from the air on an annual basis!”

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Source extraction not sufficient!

Some construction companies provide employees with a dust mask and / or source extraction. Source extraction is attached to the tool as a kind of vacuum nozzle to collect dust that is released. In practice, however, a small part of coarse dust is extracted and a lot of fine dust remains. Particulate matter is almost never extracted by source extraction. The filters in a suction unit for source extraction are also of low quality, so that fine dust simply swirls back into space. An air cleaner from Euromate is required to reduce the amount of particulate matter.

Air purification with many advantages

Euromate has developed a type of dust extraction especially for construction companies that reduces pollution in the air by more than 90%. If less particulate matter remains in the construction site, this will have positive consequences: less cleaning costs, less absenteeism, higher productivity and a better image.

The big difference of the Euromate extraction unit is that it is not connected to the central dust extraction. These are ready-to-use units that draw in the air, filter it and blow it back into the hall. The Euromate construction vacuum cleaner is stand-alone, plug-and-play (ready to plug) and multi-usable.