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Polluted indoor air: how bad is it?

Everyone knows that the indoor air is polluted with small particles that we do not see. Think of fine dust, aerosols and vapors. This is frequently cited in news and current affairs programs on television. Opening a window does not help to reduce particles because the outside air is also polluted. But how bad is it? And can you do something about it?

What are the facts?
We all spend a lot of time indoors, on average 80% of our time. Because of COVID-19 we have been inside more than usual and now that things are going in the right direction, we are going back to the office or the original workplace (also often indoors!). In addition, you breathe more than 23,000 times a day. Enough opportunity to breathe the particles in your lungs. And with hot weather we often turn on the air conditioning or have central climate control all year round, which actually helps to spread the particles instead of reducing them. Researchers at the universities of Oregon and California have proven that and concluded that particles could spread more than 1.5 meters through these systems!

What is in the air?
The air, inside and outside, is full of all kinds of different particles. Fine dust, aerosols, gases, odours, viruses and bacteria can be found almost everywhere. In addition, there are countless other types of particles that float through the air. In an urban environment, 30,000 to 40,000 of these particles are found per m3. This is very much. For comparison: In a clean office there are 2000-4000 particles per m3 (this is already a lot!) and on the North Pole there are only 10-20 particles per m3!

Is it bad that there are particles in the air?
Yes absolutely! The particles floating in the air are often harmful to health. The smaller the particle, the deeper it can enter your body. Without knowing it, we breathe in these particles every time. Aerosols in the air can even transmit COVID-19. So we get sick, get a headache, sick building syndrome or even worse!

What can I do to breathe really clean air?
These particles must therefore be minimized as much as possible. Air conditioners and central systems are actually spreaders of air pollution and therefore opponents! An air purifier such as the VisionAir Blue Line can offer a solution and works separately from, but complementary to, an air conditioner or central system.

Euromate can help you minimize air pollution! Curious what we can do for you? Then quickly make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our advisers!

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