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Open-plan office can be much healthier with just a few adjustments. Euromate has the solution!

The open-plan office; a large space without partitions where many colleagues are working at the same time. It is a common phenomenon. However, many occupational physicians consider this an unhealthy work situation, says the Dutch Association for Occupational and Occupational Medicine (NVAB). Employees often suffer from fatigue, loss of concentration and headache. Also not very strange, if you know what the underlying cause might be.

The large open spaces are filled with laptops, printers and other equipment that cause a lot of fine dust. The health problems can be directly related to these “particulate matter nests”. The long-term consequences are also not tender. “Politically, much attention is paid to health in relation to work,” the NVAB says in a response. “We lack attention for real prevention policy, such as the healthy design of workplaces.”

The television program De Monitor investigated the effect of open-plan office on the health of employees and came to the conclusion that it caused a lot of sick leave. Concentration loss is one of the main causes. And more than 60% of employees say that a headache is the result of working in an open-plan office. Many of these complaints can easily be solved by installing an air cleaner that can, among other things, filter fine dust from the polluted indoor air of an open-plan office. This reduces it to a minimum, so that health problems can disappear. This also immediately meets the wish for a thorough prevention policy for workplaces.

A VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner from Euromate is the ideal solution for this. The device cleans the air from:
– (Fine) dust
– Viruses and bacteria
– Bad smells
– Harmful smoke

In addition, the sick building syndrome is tackled: a condition that many employees also have to deal with. Depending on the space and the specific contamination, the VisionAir Blue Line offers a perfect tailor-made plug & play solution.

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