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Maximum virus protection in indoor areas offers organizations perspective

People are tired of corona and desire to go back to normal: back to the gym, to college or finally back to work. At the same time, the crisis is raising awareness about the importance of clean air and a healthy indoor climate. What does air do to your health? Research shows that indoor air quality is often poor and can lead to all kinds of health problems. To combat this problem, we have launched an air cleaner that filters viruses and other pollution from the indoor air. The certified device – called Pure Air Shield 3300 – filters and cleans the air in the room completely clean five times an hour to effectively eliminate aerosols and other air pollution such as fine dust. This ensures a safe and corona-proof environment for gyms, offices and educational or healthcare institutions.

People who stay in an indoor space continuously emit particles when talking, sneezing or breathing. Small droplets – also called aerosols – that contain corona particles often float in space for minutes with all the risks that entails. That is why continuous cleaning of the air is essential. The Pure Air Shield 3300 sucks in the polluted air from the bottom and blows out clean air at the top. The device ensures that a room is cleaned five times an hour, thus ensuring clean air.

Specifications Pure Air Shield (PAS) 3300

  • Suitable as a stand-alone device for larger living areas.
  • Mobile and therefore usable at several places in a building.
  • Whisper quiet and energy efficient due to the timer function.
  • The PAS 3300 has been extensively tested and certified by research firm SGS for the filtration of aerosols and the elimination of viruses and bacteria.
  • Price on request, leasing also possible

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