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Attack grease, smoke and odour

Discover the solution for reducing odour nuisance and the risk of fire in professional kitchens effectively

  • Prevent fire
  • Save on maintenance
  • Limit odour nuisance in the surrounding area

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Prevent fire and save on maintenance

Prevent fire and save on maintenance

Grease, smoke and soot particles are released during every cooking process. These particles accumulate quickly in the extraction duct and the fans in professional kitchens where intensive cooking takes place on a daily basis. This creates serious hazards as many particles are flammable. The Euromate Kitchen Filtration System deals with fire hazard effectively! You filter grease, smoke and soot particles out of the air before they enter the ventilation system. This advance system filters even the smallest particles out of the air. You make considerable savings on maintenenance costs for the ventilation system.

Take the next step towards a good working environment

Go for a quick ‘plug & play’ installation

Ventilation systems behind the extractor hood ensure a good working environment but it could be even better. The Euromate Kitchen Filtration System ‘works’ in all professional kitchens. From canteens, commercial kitchens, fast food and traditional restaurants to kitchen in hospitals, care homes and shopping malls.

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Combine units for a tailor made system

The SFE Kitchen Filtration System can be installed simply via ‘plug & play’ in new and in existing ventilation systems. External installation is also possible.

  • Available in three different capacities (SFE-25, SFE-50 en SFE-75).
  • Units can be combined easily to create the desired capacity.
  • Stacking filters enables to increase the capacity.
  • Placing filters behind one another increases the level of efficiency.
  • Protects complete ventilation duct and precious carbon filters.

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