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Commercial kitchen filtration

The cooking-related grease and odours produced on a daily basis in professional kitchens can accumulate in the ductwork or fans of the commercial kitchen. A good filter system eliminates the negative consequences, such as high risk of fire and cleaning costs.

Extraction in the commercial kitchen

Polluted air that passes through the kitchen extraction system first passes through a mechanical pre-filter that removes the larger particles. Then the air goes through the ionisation section in which the remaining small particles are electrically charged. The polluted air then passes through the collector unit, where the electrically charged particles stick to earthed plates. Before the air flows into the ventilation duct a mechanical final filter ensures a balanced discharge of the airflow. The kitchen extraction system requires regular maintenance. This prevents grease from accumulating, which can have a negative impact on the operation of the system.

Benefits of Euromate kitchen filtration

Our kitchen air filtration units remove the smallest grease and soot particles from the air and capture bothersome odours. More benefits:

  • Remove unpleasant cooking odours
  • Remove harmful substances from the air
  • Eliminate grease in the ductwork
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Lower risk of fire
  • Low energy consumption