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Interview Warehouse Totaal about the indoor climate in warehouses

Our global marketing manager Annelies de Jong was recently interviewed by Gijs Freriks from Warehouse Totaal. It became a great article! Read the text below.

“A breath of fresh air and much less costs”

The indoor air in warehouses has a major impact on the health of employees. Corona makes people think more consciously about what they inhale. Yet the air quality in many warehouses is still an underexposed topic, says Annelies de Jong of Euromate, a specialist in creating a healthy indoor climate.

What about the indoor climate in warehouses?
De Jong: “The amount of particulate matter in a warehouse is not always visible, but it can cause nuisance. Often companies are unaware that they have a dust problem. Fortunately, people are becoming increasingly aware of what types of pollution are floating in the air and what they inhale. Think of particulate matter, gases, viruses and bacteria. This awareness is very important for health. Before we carry out a dust measurement at a company, we ask the logistics manager the necessary questions: how often do the forklifts stand still? How often does cleaning take place? Sometimes the problem suddenly becomes apparent when a warehouse worker blows his nose and gets a black handkerchief. Or when an employee experiences problems with his airways and starts to cough heavily. Our dust measurements immediately reveal the problem for the company. ”

Why is the indoor climate so important?
“Better air quality leads to better health, which reduces absenteeism. Furthermore, a clean warehouse causes fewer malfunctions to, for example, infrared scanning equipment on the conveyor, forklift trucks and other machines. This makes the logistics process more stable and reliable. Furthermore, customers will no longer receive dirty products, cleaning and maintenance costs will go down and energy consumption will go down.”

How can you help warehouses?
“Euromate has solutions for every warehouse, from small to large. For associated areas such as offices and canteens, we have the Pure Air Shield 3300 and the VisionAir Blue Line that have been proven to be effective at filtering pollutants such as bacteria and viruses from the air. We also have HF industrial air cleaners for warehouse and production environments that remove pollutants: fine and coarse dust particles, smoke, oil-containing particles, odors, gases, fine dust and rubber. We also have the Dust Free Industrial 8500, a total solution specifically against fine dust. One of the financing options is Product-as-a-Service, where the customer is completely unburdened. Maintenance and any malfunctions are included in a fixed monthly amount.”

Image: We deliver customized solutions at every warehouse, for example at Royal Brinkman in ‘s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands.

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